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5 Questions with… Sara Powell
June 28, 2021

Since the very beginning, Tactive has believed that our quality, can-do attitude, and above & beyond service is the reason our clients choose us over our competitors. And our employees are the best at making sure our clients’ print & promo projects are top-notch. In this employee spotlight series, we take some time to get to know Sara Powell a little better.


Say “Hi” to Sara Powell!

Sara joined the Tactive team early in 2021 and brings experience from her Sales Assistant role to help our clients find the best fit for their promotional and apparel needs. Let’s get to know Sara!

1. What are three words that best describe you?

Witty, personable, and iconic (Definitely not arrogant, my friends came up with these :P)

2. What does a typical day at Tactive look like for you?

Well, with being new to the company, and new to the industry, there is no typical day for me. It seems like every single day there is something new to learn. Maybe the only thing that might be typical is me constantly hounding my coworkers with questions because I’m still trying to understand how to do everything. Other than annoying my coworkers, I spend time helping them with tasks they might be too overloaded to do themselves. I love knowing that my work has helped make someone else’s day easier.

3. Before working at Tactive, what was the most unusual or interesting job you’ve ever had?

After college I accepted an internship with Disney World in the College Program. Let me tell ya… It might sound cool, but it indeed was not that cool. I worked in Frontierland manning the different attractions. Fun fact, the rafts at Tom Sawyer’s Island are not on tracks. Driving them was a nightmare. And a not so fun fact, if you fell into that water around the island, you had to get a tetanus shot. So keep that in mind on your next vacation to Disney. If I wasn’t there, I was spending hours listening to the sweet tunes of Country Bear Jamboree (they weren’t actually sweet). Or I was at Splash Mountain yelling at guests to please pull down their lap bars and forever being asked, “will we get wet?” ON SPLASH MOUNTAIN. The work was not fun but it was still magical to be there every day (including holidays!!!!!).

4. If you could interview one person (dead or alive) who would it be?

Julius Caesar. If I could time travel I would easily go to Ancient Rome. I have been very lucky to travel and had the opportunity to go to Rome. I have seen the colosseum and the ancient city where he died. I would give anything to see that time in history, to know what it was like to live in Ancient Rome.

5. What is your favorite thing to do in Indy?


I absolutely love walking along the canal! My boyfriend and I actually met there so it’s a very special place in the city for us. We usually walk around for an hour or so, hang out by the river, and then find a nice place to eat or get some ice cream.


Bonus Question: Share something interesting about you! 

I’m crazy about reading. I could spend hours on end in the book store or with my nose buried in a book. If I’m not reading, I’m most likely looking up the next place for an adventure. I once even spent a month in Europe with a bunch of strangers. I mostly travel with my dad now. He works with IndyCar so I like to spend my summers traveling the country when I can with him to the different races. He’s definitely my favorite person to travel with (because he pays for everything but don’t tell him I said that).


Thanks, Sara! Do you need help with your next print and promo piece? Say “Hi!” We’re ready to make your next project your best yet.