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5 Reasons to Print & Promo Locally
January 21, 2019

The internet is full of wonderful things—kitten memes, Breakfast Club gifs, and more workout tips than any human being could ever hope to ingest and put to use in a single lifetime. Placed among this goldmine of indisposable information, is a variety of online commercial printing and promotional product options. One peek at those glorious prices and you are likely hooked—ready to send off your bulk order. Let us stop you right there. Before you go hitting that Place Order button that is beckoning to you, take a few minutes to find out why it might be a better idea to go to your local printer for your print and promo!

There are multiple benefits to opting local when it comes to printing and promotional items for your business. Check ‘em out:

1. Choosing local benefits your economy.

When you choose to partner with a local printer or promotional product distributor (ahem…like Tactive) your investment feeds into the area where you live. Spending your marketing budget locally has the added benefit of enriching the surrounding community and helping to support and grow the efforts of local businesses and residents. At Tactive, we have been incredibly lucky to be supported by the local community so we make efforts to give back also! Tactive employs locally and supports local nonprofits through both matched and financial donations.

2. Online printing businesses don’t see your face.

While online print and promo suppliers are useful for many things, they also come with a certain level of anonymity. Working with a local print and promo supplier means you’ll be dealing with a real person who is going to care more about your business than any online form, chatbot, or call-center employee. Online printers often provide a 1-800-number where you place your order with a random CSR who has no stake in helping you succeed. Local printers work hard to develop long-lasting relationships with customers. Because of that, you will receive unmatched customer care. Plus, local success puts a collective smile on our faces!

3. Having a local printer more attuned to what is trending in your area can help you make the decision that best benefits your business.

Demand shifts across geographical markets and knowing what will work in your area is pivotal for your success. Consider this example: When eco-friendly products first hit the market, they were all the rage and regions were pushing for more environmentally conscious products, like the U.S. West Coast. Despite their regional success, these products were not terribly popular in the Midwest, where customers preferred a more traditional product line. Plus, eco-friendly products were often priced too high for those on a budget. Local printing companies take the time to get to know your business and understand which products work best for your target audience.

4. You get what you pay for.

Old adages have a tendency to cause mass eye-rolling. We get it. Even so, this one stands true. Printing with an online business might seem desirable when you see the discounted rates. But remember, online businesses are cheap for a reason. Your internet research may reveal a deal on pens or business cards that just screams “Deal of the century!” Companies that charge especially low rates are often making their money in other ways—sometimes by selling your information to listing companies. A local print and promo supplier is invested in your business and cares about protecting your information from telemarketing companies.

5. Local print and promo pros are rock stars!

By that, we mean local businesses are hip to industry news and headlines. We know how to keep your business ahead of any issues that may arise due to unforeseen situations. One prime example of problems with online printers relates to the Chinese New Year. Online businesses often rely on Chinese suppliers to provide budget-friendly products. When the Chinese New Year hits, the Chinese economy comes to a near-screeching halt as employees take two weeks off to rest and visit with family. Each time it rolls around, production times are hit hard for unsuspecting businesses, causing them to scramble to fill their projected deadlines. Local print and promotional distributors know which suppliers to turn to when unexpected (or national) holidays could delay your order. We know how to plan ahead so that your deadlines are met on time.

Ordering online may be perfect for your business—especially if your budget is tight or you need a quick solution. But developing a relationship with your local printing and promotional product supplier may help you save valuable time and resources in the long run.

Are you looking for a local company to help you with your marketing products? Say, “Hi!” Our print and promo pros are ready to learn how hands-on marketing can help your business grow.