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5 Swag Goals for 2021 and 3 to Eliminate
February 18, 2021

Welcome to a bright 2021, the year for making your marketing swag work for you! Along with a New Year’s resolution to put 2020 firmly behind us (can we get a hallelujah?), it’s time to embrace better practices so that you are making a bright and lasting impression on your customers. Are you ready to leave behind your old and faded swag and bring something shiny and new? Here are five swag goals to work toward in 2021 and three you should leave in the dust.

5 Swag Goals to Embrace in 2021

Swag can be a great asset for resonating with your target audience, and when done purposefully and with a solid strategy, it can significantly boost your ROI. According to SalesHacker, swag “is the most effective way to prompt action across all generations.” The potential is right at your fingertips! Here are five swag tips and tricks you should be making use of in 2021.

Trellance 3DDM Kit

Go Bold with 3DDM!

If recent years have taught us anything, we may not always be able to have personal touchpoints with customers. Geographical divides and global pandemics (among others) can sometimes keep us a little farther from our customers than we want to be. The solution? 3DDM! Or, more specifically, three-dimensional direct mail.

With 3DDM, you have boundless options and the ability to hyper-customize your marketing swag to suit your audience and your purpose. Campaigns can be sophisticated or simple, with any number of options, sourcing local products or not—in any situation, you can use custom promotional products to meet your goal, whether small or large!

Tactive - Clear Ink Specialty Finish

Add flair with a specialty finish

Presentation matters. A skillfully packaged campaign can set you apart from the competition. To that end, try going bold with a specialty print finish. Foils, laminates, and die cuts turn a traditional piece of paper into a statement piece that makes a striking impression. Retail-style tags and product labels can give your swag a store-bought charm. Play around with textures – you may be surprised how a subtle effect changes the experience for you and your audience! Your printed pieces can truly jump out at your customers by adding an extra touch that others leave neglected.

Amp up swag with personalization

Who doesn’t love receiving a personalized package in the mail or a piece of clever swag? People love to feel that swag was designed specifically for them. In fact, personalization in marketing shows a strong correlation with retention. According to Forbes, “80% of frequent shoppers only shop with brands that personalize the experience.” Clearly, the power of personalization speaks volumes.

There are numerous options for personalization to choose from when putting together your marketing swag. From the collection of preferred addresses for delivery, to adding customized print pieces, and even to tailoring boxes and products to your audience, you can personalize the experience to suit your recipient.

Opt for quality over quantity

Yes, funds will always be a driving concern, and we fully understand the need to fit into your projected budget. However, with so many brands vying for consumers’ attention, you need your promotional products and marketing swag to stand out. The old adage of “more is always better” need not apply when you’re developing your next campaign. In 2021, consumers want to see quality over quantity. They don’t need more— they need one thing that’s awesome, rather than many things that are lukewarm.

Employee shops at a Tactive managed e-shop

Set up a company e-Shop

Give your customers and employees the ability to continue engaging with your brand with a company store. If you are successful enough to have fans, allow them to engage with your brand whenever and wherever they are. And as a bonus to having your brand out and about in the real world, your marketing swag will be busy grabbing the attention of potential customers.

An e-shop helps streamline ordering and fulfillment and provides a consistent (and awesome) customer and employee experience. There is definitely peace of mind that comes from simplifying the ordering process and knowing fulfillment details are easily accessible and stored in one convenient place.

3 Swag Goals to Ditch in 2021

If you’re guilty of any of the following swag missteps, you’re not alone. In fact, in many spaces, much of the following are still common practice when it comes to promotional products. Now’s your time to shine, so go ahead and ditch these three habits.

Ditch the outdated branding

Rather than holding on to outdated branding in the hopes of reusing it, take the time to clean out your marketing closet. No one likes to feel like they are the recipient of an old, stale campaign. Find ways to repurpose, recycle, donate, or otherwise, and get rid of old marketing swag. Offer your customers something fresh and intriguing (we are always here to help with ideas!).

Stop sorting by least expensive, especially when it comes to apparel

Let’s face it, people are far more likely to wear what they like. Does it really matter if your logo isn’t a customer’s favorite color? No, but it will matter if the fit or material isn’t right, or it appears to be of low quality. Instead of sorting by least expensive, budget appropriately or be smart with your choices. For example, select a nice hat or pair of high-quality socks if shirts don’t fit your budget.

Forego the novelties

If minimalist lifestyles or Marie Kondo have taught us anything, it’s that we have more than enough stuff. If your first thought when you consider an item is, “that’s cool but I would never use it,” then that’s what your recipient will think too. Select something useful that is more likely to be a long-term possession rather than a short-lived novelty.

Speaking of local… you want to make sure your boxes successfully reach their destination. We’ve seen our fair share of old addresses, unexpected holiday hours, and alternative work locations to know that it’s best to let a recipient choose their desired address for delivery. For that reason, we created, where we easily create customized landing pages as a place for mail recipients to claim their “gift.” This greatly reduces the number of returns that result from incorrect addresses, closed offices, and other unforeseen mailing issues.

Are you ready to see your swag goals come to (real) life? Chat with a Tactive rep to get started today!