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5Q’s with… Gerard Seig
July 11, 2024

Since the beginning, Tactive has believed that our quality, can-do attitude, and above-and-beyond service are why our clients choose us over our competitors. And our employees are the best at making sure our clients’ print & promo projects are top-notch.

In this employee spotlight, we take some time to get to know Gerard Seig a little better.

Gerard Seig

Gerard Seig

Ecommerce Associate

Gerard joined Team Tactive in August 2023. He’s based out of Tactive’s Riverside location and creates custom e-shops for our customers. Let’s get to know Gerard!

1. What are three words that best describe you?

Determined, interested, invested

2. What does a typical day at Tactive look like for you?

My typical day centers around the projects I am working on at the time. I connect with my teammates at Tactive and external clients to create custom sites or software tools for the customers. Outside of that, I respond to customer feedback requests, maintain the functionality of our other sites, and seek opportunities to improve our current processes/expand our current offerings.

3. Before working at Tactive, what was the most unusual or interesting job you’ve ever had?

One of my favorite jobs I’ve ever had was being a Dippin’ Dots salesman at local community events in my hometown, including our high school football games. It was a badge of honor to say I was “the Dippin’ Dots guy.” It was a master class in customer service since most of the customers were my friends and were trying to mess with me!

4. If you could interview one person (dead or alive) who would it be?

Sean Evans (the host of Hot Ones) or Nardwuar. These are two of the greatest interviewers of our generation. The way they astound their guests with the depth and quality of questions is incredible. I would love to learn about their process of getting to know people and how that knowledge can help one build relationships more genuinely and quickly!

5. What is your favorite thing to do in Indy?

I really enjoy biking the many bike trails that Indy has to offer. I especially like the Monon and the Indianapolis Cultural Trail. Every summer I try to organize a Bikes and Brews adventure with my friends where we bike to different Indy breweries and bars!

Bonus Question: Share something interesting about you!

I love games! I am currently learning how to make board games to hopefully start creating my own and trying to get those published. I also have spent a little time learning video game development.

I’m a huge smart home fan, I love setting up little automations throughout my life to make the tasks I accomplish easier and structure those improvements around fun.


Thanks, Gerard!