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6 Ways to Step Up Your Sales Game with Video Mailers
March 27, 2019

Promotional items are all about getting people behind your brand, a way of making your brand visible, and more importantly, memorable. Promo items give you a forum for metaphorically waving your hands and saying, “Hey! Look at all the cool stuff we can do!” How about giving this a try without the metaphor? What are we talking about? That’s right, you need a video mailer!

Video mailers are one of our most popular products! If you haven’t seen these dandy little direct mailers in the flesh (so to speak), you definitely should take a peek. Imagine a mini screen prepped and ready for your promotional video that is just as easily mailed as a traditional sales brochure. These sweet little postcard upgrades allow you to embed your video content and provide simple controls for a finished product that is nearly as slim as a traditional paper mailer. If you truly want to differentiate your brand and showcase your company with a flair that is missing with print-only pieces, give these puppies a try.

Here are 6 good reasons you should use a video mailer:

1. Your next video mailer is fully customizable.

That’s right, completely bespoke—from the video content all the way down to the high-resolution copy and graphics. Imagine a postcard on steroids. With video mailers, you have the opportunity to make a double impact. Start with the right copy and graphics and then hammer it home with your awe-inspiring video.

2. They can play up to two hours of high-quality video and audio.

Today, we are often reminded that our attention spans barely outdo that of a goldfish. If you want to captivate a prospect for the time it takes to reel them in, you need a wow factor. Video mailers give you a chance to hold the attention of your prospect for just a little longer. It’s that extra push from mildly neat to intriguing.

3. Video mailers take the pressure off the cold call.

Hubspot offers some interesting sales statistics for 2019. For instance, did you know that 60% of prospects want to talk to a salesperson during the consideration phase (after they’ve narrowed their options), while only 19% want to engage with salespeople during the awareness phase? And that seven out of 10 prospects watch a video at some point during the buying process? Sending a video mailer allows you to be in control of the awareness phase by selecting which content your prospects see to gently nudge them towards a sale.

4. They take up the same (or less) space than traditional mailers.

Gone are the days of bulky media players that look like they could hone in on a signal from Mars. These video mailers are slim and sleek and don’t take up any extra space in a prospect’s mailbox. Our lightweight mailers are also available in multiple sizes to suit your purpose.

5. Video mailers are eye-catching.

Prospects often receive traditional direct-mail pieces stuffed with info that, while helpful, usually blends in with what prospects delicately refer to as “junk” and lands in a trash receptacle faster than you can recite your elevator pitch. The objective of a mailer is to get your noticed and video mailers are just what you need to grab their attention.

6. They work!

The real reason you should try video mailers is that they work. According to MediaFast, “Watching enjoyable video ads increases purchase intent by 97% and brand association by 139%.” So don’t wait for prospects to find your video. Send your video to them.

Want help getting your video mailer in the right hands? Say, “hi”. Our team is ready to help you up your sales game through video mailers and more.