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A Note from our CEO | A Year In Review
February 15, 2023

A Year In Review

As I look back on my first year as a CEO, there are various emotions that come to the surface. Excitement, humility, strength, hard work, self-discovery, and immense levels of pride. We at Tactive have spent the last year, focusing on turning the mirror around and looking at ourselves to reflect on what we look like from the inside out. Are we servicing our clients in a manner that we are proud of? Are we treating and empowering our employees to the highest levels of respect and development that they deserve?

With our current influx of growth, are we set up for long-term success? Furthermore, what exactly is the mission behind this amazing organization that has almost tripled in size the last 4 years? These questions and more are what has been my job to answer and execute on. I’m extremely proud to be able to do so and see their results coming to (real) life.

This past year, Tactive has made significant investments in employees, new presses and machinery, technological efficiencies, marketing and had its highest year yet in donations given back to the community.  Our clients continue to challenge us with exciting projects that push the limits and drive their own marketing initiatives beyond what they ever imagined possible.

Looking ahead into this next year, I am excited to say the current investments Tactive has made into these endeavors will only continue to launch us forward as we drive scalability and live out our company mission to create meaningful experiences that enable marketers to meet their goals while empowering employees and the community.

A special thank you goes out to our clients, employees and partners that continue to entrust their projects, careers, and resources into making Tactive a success. It is your support that has driven us to where we are today!