Bring your brand to (real) life.

About Us

We bring brands to (real) life.

We do it by developing and deploying tactile marketing campaigns that get results. By building and managing e-shops stocked with top-quality branded merchandise. By providing a full suite of traditional and contemporary printing services. And, most important, by getting to know your brand and audience so well that we become a powerful extension of your marketing team.

Meet the Team

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Tim Browning Headshot

Tim Browning

Kurt Ellinger Headshot

Kurt Ellinger

Indigo Headshot

Indigo (aka “Indy”)

Office Greeter
Courtney Bills Headshot

Courtney Bills

VP Sales & Marketing
Nikki Hershik Headshot

Nikki Hershik

VP Business Operations
Tyler Koontz Headshot

Tyler Koontz

VP Technical Operations
Whitney Locke Headshot

Whitney Locke


Janie Latka


Robin Lanning

Marketing Director
Kyle O'Brien Headshot

Kyle O’Brien

Director of E-commerce
Eric Walton Headshot

Eric Walton

Production Manager
Kathy Beasley Headshot

Kathy Beasley

Assembly Manager
Brett Lanning Headshot

Brett Lanning

Logistics Manager

Ruby Porter

Pre-Press Designer
Alex Browning Headshot

Alex Browning

Client Success Manager
Dave Carroll Headshot

Dave Carroll

Client Success Manager

Sara Clapp

Customer Success Manager
Katie Harrington Headshot

Katie Harrington

Client Success Manager

George Helton

Client Success Manager
Katrina Brennan Headshot

Katrina Brennan

Client Success Manager
Max Browning Headshot

Max Browning

E-commerce Technical Support
Micahel McMillen Headshot

Michael McMillen

Project Manager
Stephen Sponseller Headshot

Stephen Sponseller

Client Success Manager
Tom Laratta

Tom Laratta

Client Success Manager
Zack Gick headshot

Zach Gick

Client Success Manager
Noel Keith Headshot

Noel Keith

E-commerce Developer

Beth Brown

Press Operator
Cai Delehanty Headshot

Cai Delehanty

Press Operator
Eddy Miller Headshot

Eddy Miller

Press Operator
Marty Clinch Headshot

Marty Clinch

Press Operator
Colton Cooper Headshot

Colton Cooper

Dustin Bowling Headshot

Dustin Bowling

John Himes Headshot

John Himes


Johnathan Rikkers

Micole Winters Headshot

MiCole Winters


Kenny Rottmann

Logistics Coordinator
Hunter Maish Headshot

Hunter Maish

Shipping & Receiving
Phil DeWitt Headshot

Phil DeWitt

Local Delivery

A History of Helping

In 2000, Tim Browning and Kurt Ellinger looked at the printing industry and recognized a problem: buying printing was frustratingly complex. So Tim and Kurt started a print brokerage, called Print Resources, to help marketers untangle that complexity. Then, as the digital revolution intensified, printing became less expensive and more customizable.

Since many traditional printers weren’t ready to evolve, Print Resources did some evolving of their own. They invested in their own equipment, starting with a copier that allowed them to fulfill print orders faster than their third-party vendors. Thus, a full-service printing company was born.

A We-Can-Do-It Mantra

That initial investment was the first of several instances where the Print Resources team dug in and figured out a way to serve the needs of their clients. For the next several years, Print Resources built its reputation on a “we-can-do-it” mentality.

When customers asked us for branded apparel and promotional items, we said, “We can do it.” When clients needed an easy way to get those branded products into the hands of their employees and customers, we found a way to get it done. And when a cornerstone client asked us if we could handle fulfillment for a critical project? We did it.

A Tactical Shift

When our clients were struggling to get their audience’s attention in an increasingly distracted world, we found a way to do that, too. We became experts at developing 3D mailers recipients couldn’t ignore. We also started building customized e-shops for clients who wanted to get branded merchandise to their employees or to fans online.

Our ability to adapt landed us on the Indianapolis Business Journal’s “Fast 25” list of the region’s fastest-growing companies in 2005, 2017, and 2018. In 2020, it became clear that “Print Resources” no longer captured everything we did. So we became Tactive: engagement experts who help busy marketers reach audiences and achieve ROI.

Tactive Today

Through strategic investments, smart hiring, and a tireless we-can-do-it attitude, Tactive has earned a reputation as a uniquely reliable and versatile marketing vendor. While we still offer traditional printing services, we’ve evolved into a strategic partner with a full arsenal of engagement tactics that we deploy on behalf of our clients.

Everything we do—tactile marketing, 3D mail, printing, promotional products, e-shops—is focused on a singular goal: engagement. So remember: If you need to get somebody’s attention, we can help you do it.