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Backboard legends of Indiana poster with a speciality finish.
All-Star Print Finishing Options
February 16, 2024

All-Star Print Finishing Options

The NBA All-Star Game is about to tip off in Indianapolis, and the city is buzzing with excitement! While the players battle it out on the court, Tactive is here to help you create your own unforgettable all-star story with our stacked roster of print finishing options. Whether you’re cheering on your favorite players, hosting a viewing party, or simply want to capture the spirit of the event, we’ve got game-winning finishes that will elevate your next project to all-star level.


Elevate Ventures brochure with 3-D UV lamination.

A soft-touch finish on the cover of this annual report makes the raised UV-coasted design really pop.

Imagine your logo or any other design elements –  gleaming under the lights, captivating attention like a superstar dunk. Opt for sleek and glossy for a polished look or choose soft-touch for a luxurious feel. Specialty laminates even add unique textures, even as a spot finish on a single element of your project. Talk about an eye-catching entrance for your brand! 


These whiskey labels are leveled up with a shiny gold foil finish.

These whiskey labels are leveled up with a shiny gold foil finish.

Draft a true superstar to your next project with a touch of metallic gold, silver, or a rainbow of foil options. From logos to text, foil finishes can make your prints literally shine. Imagine your company name or tagline gleaming in gold foil total MVP trophy energy.  


These whiskey labels are leveled up with a shiny gold foil finish.

This Thanksgiving mailer included a punch-out design to build your own turkey, as well as a greeting card featuring clear, metallic, and CMYK inks. 

Don’t settle for rectangular uniformity! Diecutting lets you unleash your creativity with unique shapes. Design custom prints shaped like your product, logo, or mascot – or diecut out a shape for a negative space effect. 

Speciality Inks

Tactive Thanksgiving Mailer

Expand your color palette beyond the ordinary with the power of specialty inks. Imagine highlighting key moments with vibrant white text or making your designs pop with a touch of metallic shine. Clear ink can even create stunning layered effects, pushing the boundaries of traditional printing.  


Elevate Ventures brochure with 3-D UV lamination.

Spiral binding keeps this onboarding booklet together (and how about that specialty vellum paper, too?)

Binding options complete your all-star print project with the perfect finishing touch. Choose the simplicity of saddle stitching for brochures, create journals with spiral binding, or opt for the polished look of perfect binding for books. The right binding elevates your project and makes it truly shine.  

Specialty finishes aren’t just for the best-of-the-best projects. Imagine transforming everyday materials like:


  • Business cards: Make a lasting first impression with foiled logos or die-cut shapes. 
  • Brochures and flyers: Stand out from the competition with specialty inks. 
  • Reports and presentations: Add gravitas with luxurious soft-touch lamination. 
  • Marketing materials: Grab attention with eye-catching die-cut shapes and metallic accents. 


Remember, printing is more than just ink on paper. It’s your opportunity to tell your story, showcase your brand, and leave a lasting impression. With the power of specialty finishes, your print projects can become all-stars, turning heads and generating buzz long after the final page is turned. 

So, don’t settle for the ordinary. Contact us today and let us help you unleash the all-star potential of your print projects!