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Alumni Spotlight: Erin Marlow
October 27, 2017

If there’s one thing we’re more proud of than our clients and their projects, it’s our employees. The list of individuals who started or expanded their careers at Tactive is a long one, so we thought we’d catch up with a few of our “alumni”. Today, we check-in with Erin Marlow, who is applying the customer service skills she perfected at Tactive to her current role in human resources.

When did you work for Tactive?

I believe I was there from 2008 – 2014. I started right after Robin!

What was/were your role(s) at Tactive?

I served in a customer service role; first with a wide client base and then I moved into handling the ExactTarget (now, Salesforce Marketing Cloud) account. We even named my position the “ETQB”. Let’s just say I saw a lot of “orange” my last couple of years at Tactive.

What are you doing now?

I work in HR, which is pretty ironic because I believe that Tim & Kurt loathe all things Human Resources. I also do freelance project management for Creative Quarterback which allows me to still work with Tactive on occasion.

Is there anything you learned at Tactive that you are using in your current job?

I use my customer service skills daily in my HR role. These were skills I really polished at Tactive.

Also, the company that I work for doesn’t have a designated marketing staff. I like helping to design print pieces and promo items for events we hold, like career fairs. My current company trusts me to because of the design and marketing concepts that I picked-up while working at Tactive.


Erin and Robin with ASI letters
Do you have any memorable moments from your time at Tactive?

I LOVED my time at Tactive and often miss the family-like dynamic that Tim & Kurt have created. I can say that I never dreaded going to work over the course of the entire 6 years that I was there, and that’s saying something. Some of my favorite memories were of just spending time together, drinking a beer and shooting the $h*t (can I say “$h*t”?).  

Editor’s note: We’ll allow it.

Kurt & Tim are notorious for sharing words of wisdom with their employees. Are there any that stick out for you?

Tim & Kurt always told me to “say yes and then figure it out”. What great customer service advice! I love that their main focus was always in making the customer happy and then we’d work as a team to figure out how to make it happen.

I can be overly sensitive, too, so I appreciated that Tim & Kurt always “brought me back to Earth”, but in a nice way. I like to think they toughened me up a bit.

Kurt also taught me how to parallel park. One day we were going to The Distillery (R.I.P.) for lunch and I accidentally let it slip that I’d never parallel parked. I continued to drive around looking for a spot that wouldn’t require parallel parking. Kurt wasn’t having that, so he taught me how to do it right then and there.

Erin Marlow with a beer on Cinco de MayoAnything else you’d like to share about Tactive?

I believe that Tim & Kurt know how thankful I am for my time at Tactive, but in case they don’t….Thank you, Tim & Kurt!

Thank YOU, Erin!