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Alumni Spotlight: Toni Folzenlogel
August 1, 2017

 If there’s one thing we’re more proud of than our clients and their projects, it’s our employees. The list of individuals who started or expanded their careers at Tactive is a long one, so we thought we’d catch up with a few of our “alumni”. We’re proud of our Tactive Alums. To kick off our Alumni Spotlight series, we check- in with graphic designer Toni Folzenlogel.


When did you work for Tactive?

I did two terms at Tactive – 2001-2003 when they were still located in the Stutz Building and then again from around 2012-2014.


What was/were your role(s) at Tactive?

I was a graphic designer. I mostly handled pre-press and any client design requests.


What are you doing now?

I own and operate two companies! Tonic Ideas and FontBlock.

Tonic Ideas is a graphic design & branding studio that helps clients build stronger, more successful brands. FontBlock offers custom designed and crafted wood signs to celebrate personal moments in life. We also sell some of our designs on wood through our website.


Do you have a favorite Tactive story?

I have several stories that are not appropriate for publishing, but one of the cleaner ones was when Tactive hired [the band] Here Come the Mummies for their 2nd-anniversary party. There’ve been a lot of great Tactive parties, but that one was awesome. I’m pretty sure even John Mellencamp showed up.

Also, before I was hired at Tactive, Kurt & Tim purchased one of my photographs at an art show when I was a student at Herron. I just happened to get hired by them 2 years later. It was definitely an unexpected discovery on my first day at Tactive.


Kurt & Tim are notorious for sharing words of wisdom with their employees. Are there any that stick out for you?

“Stop asking questions, and just figure it out.” They taught me that I can’t rely on someone else to give me the answers all of the time, which, today, is pretty invaluable now that I’m self-employed and manage my own employee. Even though I still call Tim and Kurt and ask them questions. [Well, Kurt more than Tim. Tim is mean to me. (smiles)] My favorite quote from Tim: “If you’re disappointed, lower your expectations.” In many ways, he’s on point. Looking at work (and life) from a realistic point of view allows you to make better and more educated decisions.


Sounds like you learned quite a bit while working there.

Daily, I utilize something I learned at Tactive. The production management skills I learned have been invaluable for my client retention. I can’t say it enough: it’s one thing to be a good designer, but to be able to manage production is something that a lot of designers can’t, (and won’t) do.

I also learned how to take feedback. Even in my first job at an advertising agency, I felt like I was coddled. If I made a mistake, they didn’t tell me. Where at Tactive, if I made a mistake, I knew. (laughs) I’m the kind of person who appreciates that. I quickly learned how to give and take criticism when dealing with clients and coworkers.


Anything else you’d like to share about Tactive?

I really appreciate their commitment to the community and willingness to support some of the non-profit work that I do now. They’ve been nothing but giving for the American Diabetes Association (ADA) and Komen of Central Indiana, both of which are clients today. I was able to help facilitate packet pick ups for large race fundraisers for both ADA and Komen at Tactive. Kurt & Tim were willing to interrupt their normal production to make it work. If it’s a good cause and good people, they don’t question it; they just make it work. In turn, it’s meant more business for both of us and helped us partner with some great causes.


That wraps up our alumni spotlight with Toni Folzenlogel!

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