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Back to School
Back to School Promo Products
September 11, 2023

Back to School Promo Products

Back-to-school is a time of excitement for students, but it can also be a time of stress for schools. There are so many things to do, from ordering textbooks to hiring teachers. But one thing that schools often overlook is promotional products. 


Enter Tactive, your tactile marketing partner and the expert of making the mundane, well, less mundane. We’re ready to have a blast with your school’s marketing efforts with a tangible twist – we’re talking brand awareness, parent engagement, and school spirit for all! 


It’s not too late to stock up on tactile marketing products for your students, staff, and alumni. Here’s a few ideas:  

Coloring Book and Crayons

Crayons opened on a white background.

Custom, branded coloring books are a great way for schools to promote school spirit, get students excited about learning, and relieve stress before the new school year begins. Whether you add your school’s logo to a premade coloring book or go for a fully custom design with our prepress and printing team, these coloring books will delight all ages. 

(Don’t forget the crayons! Add details about your school to this box of crayons and include with your coloring books for less than $1 apiece.) 

Fidget Spinners

Fidget spinners and pop it's

Fidget toys are ideal for busy hands, and this push bubble spinner is two soothing focus tools in one. Add your school’s logo to the center spinner and turn fidgety fingers into marketing powerhouses – these toys are the perfect addition to your classroom prize box or school spirit shop. 

Branded Apparel

Fully customized and branded jersey

Wear your school spirit on your sleeve! From embroidery on school uniforms to flashy branded designs on tees and hats perfect for your spirit shop, Tactive can help your students and staff become walking, talking school billboards down the hallways, at the skate park or… wherever else the kids are hanging out these days. 

Custom Pom Poms

Custom pom poms being held up by young woman.

Let’s face it, nothing gets the spirit soaring like a perfectly executed pom-pom wave. Perfect for cheerleaders, fans, and even first day of school celebrations, these pom-poms are cheerful, multicolored goodness and even have a spot for your school’s name on the plastic handle. 

Jerseys and Gear for Every Sport 

Two branded spirit jerseys.

From basketball to underwater basket weaving (hey, we don’t judge), we’ve got the gear to make your teams feel like champions. We’re ready with branded, customizable jerseys and gear for every sport imaginable.  

So, make this year the most memorable one yet – with a whole lot of tactile marketing brilliance! And remember, it’s not just about textbooks; it’s about turning heads, igniting spirits, and making your school the talk of the hallways.  Ready to get schooled? Reach out and we’ll get started on your project now!