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Best Eco-Friendly Promo Products
August 31, 2023

Best Eco-Friendly Promo Products

With a renewed focus on environmental impact and sustainability, the disposable “trinkets” of yesteryear are phasing out as more companies find ways to promote their brand without creating a long-term impact on the environment.  

But to truly go green, businesses need to shift their perspectives to include more sustainable sourcing while considering every aspect of their business – from their product offerings down to their swag. Let’s talk about promotion with a purpose. 

Considerations for Eco-Friendly Promo Products

Developing a green promo product goes far beyond whether it can be recycled. There are many factors to evaluate, from sourcing down to shipping and disposal. When evaluating your environmental impact, here are a few things to remember. 

Was your promo product sustainably sourced?

The actual product is a natural starting place when evaluating your carbon footprint. Here’s how you can tell that the parts that comprise your promo product environmentally friendly. 

  • Buy local: Regardless of price tag, remember that locally sourced products are generally more environmentally friendly. There is less strain on the local environment, and they do not have as far to travel.  Sourcing locally is a win-win for the environment and the local economy, too. 
  • Investigate your supplier: Most suppliers and companies want you to know that they are doing good things. Many of our favorite promotional product manufacturers post their certifications and detail what sustainable efforts they are taking on their website.  
  • Look for certifications: There are several third-party certifications that ensure a product is green before adorning it with its label. Organizations such as Green Seal, Certified B Corporation, and Fair Trade will investigate products before giving it the seal of approval.  
    Salesforce Stasher Sustainable Sandwich Bag opened up.

    Are you packaging, packing, and shipping responsibly? 

    Take a look at your packaging, packing materials, and shipping methods for ways to minimize the environmental impact as your product travels to your customer. Try using recyclable materials for your packaging and kitting supplies. Find ways to reduce your environmental impact by eliminating or reducing packaging where possible and consider a local fulfillment partner.  

    How long will your product last?

    Finally, consider how long your product will last when it lands in the hands of your customers. Will your audience use your product, or will it end up in the trash can on the way out of the event? Consider investing in reusable, high-value, and unique promo products that people will actually use. 

    Spectrum Reach One and Done Kit partially unboxed.

    Eco-Friendly Promo Products We Love

    Now that you know some key indicators to look for as you evaluate products, let us share some of our favorite eco-friendly promotional products. 

    Infinity Pencil

    Branded pens are a staple in the promoproduct world. Writing instruments are an affordable choice that puts your name in front of people, and just about anyone can use a pen, right? But when you have used up all your ink, you’re left with plastic waste. That is why we are digging the Infinity Pencil. Your brand can achieve the same goal while the recipient receives a writing utensil that never runs out of lead. This one will last forever. 

    Infinity pencil being used to draw on a notebook.

    Recycled Bento Box

    This recycled wheat straw bento box will help you eat your greens! The best part is that it is made from 30% recycled wheat straw and is 70% BPA plastic free, giving you a sustainable way to pack your lunch – and it’s dishwasher safe. 

    Recycled Wheat Straw Bento Box Set with Bamboo Lid.

    Gift Cards

    Gift cards are a helpful way to lessen your impact because you are guaranteed to please! A gift card can show your appreciation and even be branded while ensuring that the recipient receives something they will love.  

    Seed Bombs

    Bloomin Promotions is an environmentallyfriendly favorite, but we love seed bombs in particular. Seed bombs are a terrific way to inject an element of surprise into your promo game while also helping to cultivate the surrounding environment. Customize your options and choose from different branded selections for less waste and more plants. Kind of the bomb, right? 

    Bloomin Promotions Seed Bombs.

    Recycled T-Shirts 

    The t-shirt is always a classic option. If you plan to go this route, we love Allmade t-shirts that are made from recycled materials to help lessen their impact on the environment. This brand is part of SanMar’s C-Free line of carbon-neutral products offset by a partnership with 

    Allmade Resources recycled blend tshirts laid out on a white background.

    Journals and Notebooks

    Even in this digital age, most people still prefer to use a notebook or journal for work or school purposes. Opt for a recycled notebook to help make use of reusable materials and reduce your carbon footprint.

    Reusable Tote Bags

    Gemline offers a line of products from their Out of the Ocean brand that recycles ocean plastic to create reusable tote bags Each bag they make removes the equivalent of 3 plastic bottles from our oceans and waterways – plus giving you an opportunity to skip the “paper or plastic?” question at grocery checkout. 

    Gemline Out of the Ocean® Reusable Lunch Shopper bags placed side by side on gravel.

    Recycled Umbrella 

    Unless you are living in a desert, you can likely make use of an umbrella. This year, go for a recycled option to help keep your conference goers safe from the rain in a way that makes Mother Earth happy.  

    Recycled PET Eco-Friendly Umbrella opened up on a white background.

    Bamboo Power Bank with Wireless Charger 

    This bamboo power back and wireless charger is an earth-friendly staple to keep your device powered up on the go. Rechargeable and made from sustainably sourced bamboo, this is a must-have for the avid camper or eco-trekker. 

    Bamboo 5000mAh Dual Port Power Bank with Wireless Charger.

    Together, we can create sustainable tactile marketing plans that leave a positive and lasting impression, both on your audience and the planet. Ready to get your green on? Contact us at to get started.