Bring your brand to (real) life.

Tactive Brand Guidelines

Bring our brand to (real) life

We are brand engagement experts. We develop and deploy multisensory marketing campaigns that delight audiences, drive leads, and deliver ROI.

By leveraging our unique suite of services dimensional mail, print, promotions, e-commerce, fulfillment we bring clients’ brands to life in a uniquely powerful way. Any company or organization can benefit from the power of multisensory marketing. But we have a particularly strong affinity for technology companies, whose needs align well with our approach.

Corporate Profile

Tactive is a leading tactile marketing company based in Indianapolis, Indiana. Founded in 2000, we specialize in creating innovative and engaging print & promotional marketing solutions that help businesses of all sizes connect with their target audience in meaningful ways. Our team is dedicated to delivering high-quality products and services that drive results and exceed our clients’ expectations.

At Tactive, we understand that in today’s digital age, it can be challenging for businesses to stand out in a crowded market. That’s why we offer a wide range of tactile marketing solutions that help our clients break through the noise and make a lasting impression. From custom promotional products and direct mail campaigns to branded apparel and company stores, we work closely with our clients to create personalized solutions that drive engagement and build brand awareness.

Our team of experienced print + promo experts are passionate about creating innovative solutions that deliver results, and we are committed to helping our clients achieve their marketing goals. If you’re looking for a tactile marketing partner that can help you connect with your audience in a meaningful way, Tactive can help you bring your brand to (real) life.

Brand Essence

We’re your Engagement Experts

While your clients may come to you for various different products or services, they’re all ultimately pursuing the same thing: engagement. You provide the expert guidance, assets, and support they need to get it.

Often, that means putting together tactile marketing campaigns. But it may also mean delivering excellent print products, or building an e-commerce store that puts high- quality branded items in the hands of their employees and fans.

The point is: everything you do— direct mail, printing, e-commerce— is a means to an end. And that end is audience engagement that enables your clients to build trust, drive interest, and inspire action in their prospective audiences.

Brand Positioning Statement


Trusted by some of the most innovative brands in America, Tactive helps marketers develop and deploy multi-sensory marketing campaigns that engage audiences and drive ROI. 

Brand Pillars

Engagement is our expertise – Everything we do, every single day, serves a larger goal: To help our clients achieve engagement with target audiences in an increasingly distracted world

People are our purpose – We are, above all else, a human brand. Both within our walls and in our relationships with clients, we lead with empathy, kindness, and respect.

Trust is our top priority – We are true to our word, no matter what. If we say it’ll be done by Tuesday, it will. If we say it won’t, that’s because we prize honesty over telling clients what they want to hear.

Quality is our conviction – National and global companies trust us with their brands because they know we will meet their high standards every time, no matter what.

Service is our secret weapon – We have a “do whatever it takes” credo when it comes to meeting client needs. Our fierce commitment to client service is the secret to our success.

Visual Identity System

Tactive's primary logo without tagline.

The primary logo is critically important, as it acts both as an identifier and a visual representation of the brand. It is, and should always be, the most consistent component in your visual communications. In order to maintain that consistency, it should always be used in accordance with the examples and rules outlined in this guide.

NOTE: The logo should never be recreated or typeset. Only official logo files should be used in communications.

Tactive's primary logo with tagline.

This version is identical to our primary logo, but includes our company tagline. It can be used in marketing and communication materials at your discretion.

Primary T Logomark

The Tactive “T” combined with our logomark provides an option that can be used in situations when the full identity of the brand isn’t needed, or where space limits your ability to use the primary logo. For example, it can be used as a social media icon, on brand merchandise, on company envelopes, etc.

Do’s & Don’ts

CLEAR SPACE The clear space has been established to ensure logo visibility and impact. Maintaining the clear space zone between the logo and other graphic elements such as type, images, other logos, etc. ensures that the logo always appears unobstructed and distinctly separate from any other graphic elements.

Example of what not to do with Tactive logo.

Never use the Color version of the logo on top of a color background. Color Reverse or White are acceptable options.

Example of what not to do with Tactive logo.

Never change the proportion of logomark to logotype. Please see our logos above for acceptable logo variations.

Example of what not to do with Tactive logo.

Never change the location of the logomark in relation to the full wordmark.

Our Color Palette

Looking for Tactive brand colors? Scroll through and take a peek!

Color Codes

Looking for a color code for print? We got you! We have the color codes for any medium you may encounter, but here’s a quick guide if you’re unsure which color code applies to the platform you need.


CMYK – 4-color process ink color build for professional/digital printing (RECOMMENDED FOR PRINT)

RGB – Digital color build for use on monitors and screens

HEX – Digital color build for use on the web

PMS – Pantone Matching System for professional/digital printing (will typically be converted to the CMYK equivalent)

Tactive Blue

C83 M58 Y40 K20

R54 G90 B111

HEX #36596e

PMS 2377C/548U

Madeira 1364

Tactive Yellow

C7 M33 Y100 K0

R236 G174 B32

HEX #ebae1f

PMS 7409C/7406U

Madeira 1172

Tactive Gold

C17 M46 Y100 K1

R210 G145 B42

HEX #d19029

PMS 7569C/124U

Madeira 1025

Tactive Dark Blue

C96 M69 Y53 K54

R0 G47 B61

HEX #002e3c

PMS 547C/5463U

Madeira 1367

Tactive Red

C3 M80 Y69 K0

R233 G90 B80

HEX #e95a50

PMS 7416C/485U

Madeira 1179

Tactive Dark Gray

C0 M0 Y0 K90

R65 G64 B66

HEX #404041


Madeira 1164

Tactive Light Gray

C8 M6 Y7 K0

R232 G231 B229

HEX #e7e6e5


7534U @ 50%

Madeira 1011

Download our full style guide

Our brand guide is a direct representation of our brand’s story. Telling a clear, consistent, and compelling brand story is critical. This brand guide is a tool to help you bring our brand to (real) life!

It should be used as a training tool, a reference book, and, most of all, a marketing resource. When creating an ad, sponsoring an event, or doing a media interview, you can consult this guide to ensure our brand story is told with powerful clarity and consistency across all mediums.