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Carb Day 2010
June 8, 2010

If you’ve never experienced the month of May in Indianapolis, you surely do not know what you are missing.  It seems even those that are most uninterested in IndyCar racing the other 11 months of the year can’t help but catch a bit of 500 fever.

Tactive celebrates every year by holding our company picnic at one of the biggest events at the track: Carb Day. Unfortunately for carbohydrate lovers like me, it is not exactly a day to pig-out on bread… although the consumption of Barley based alcohol might qualify.  It’s the last day of practice for the race teams (historically Carburetion Day), and a day to work on the first sunburn of the year for the fans.

I thought I’d share some pictures of the day, and our own promotional product success story.

As you can see in the pictures, we had our own t-shirts made for the day, featuring our 2010 ZZ-Top/Race Fan on the back.  We design a new character each year, and this year played off the featured band performer of the day.

The t-shirts garnered quite a bit of attention with a local news reporter who was covering the “infield” festivities. Our company was featured on the evening news, which resulted in free exposure to thousands of households in our target market. I’d say that’s definitely worth the money we spent on the shirts, and made up for closing the offices for a Morale Building day!

Enjoy some photos of our crazy company on our favorite day in May.