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Designing for Packaging

Bring Your Packaging to (Real) LifeThe first step to creating a great package is a great template. Your account manager can provide you with a template for one of our many standard box sizes, or...

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Preparing Spot Colors for Specialty Effects

Why a Spot Color?Spot colors tell the press operator there’s something different about a color, whether it’s a premixed PMS color, a specialty ink (such as White, Clear, Silver, or Gold), spot...

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Setting Up for Dies

Designing for DiesThe first step in creating a unique die-cut or embossed product is to design it! Choose where you want each score, cut, perf, or emboss to go and place a line (or in the case of...

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What Are Color Modes?

RGB v CMYK v PMSRGB Display devices generally use a color model called RGB, which stands for RedGreen-Blue. RGB color space is used for screens because screens emit light. It is an additive color...

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How to Adjust Color for Print

How to Convert Your Print File From RGB to CMYKBecause RGB has a much larger color gamut, colors outside of the gamut become much less vibrant when printed on a CMYK press. They can often come out...

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