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Image highlighting the third stage of the Marketing Funnel, Conversion.
Converting Prospects with Tactile Marketing
September 20, 2022
Ah yes, conversion—that tricky stage in the marketing funnel that is arguably the hardest to achieve. The conversion stage is when a prospect turns into a customer, hopefully, one of the long-term varieties. This stage is challenging because it requires a prospective customer to choose you over your competitors. Your competitors are working just as hard as you are to win new business, so this marketing funnel stage is an important time for your brand to shine. Tactile marketing is a perfect opportunity to gain a competitive edge. 

Moving Prospects Closer to Conversion

Converting prospects begins with understanding and making the case that your service or product can address their pain points. Prospective customers want to know if their investment in you will make their job easier or help them achieve their goals. You can talk about how your product or service can deliver, or you can prove it well before the prospect even becomes your customer. 


Here are some things to think about when it comes to marketing conversion: 


  • Make efforts to allocate a little more budget to get their attention. Okay, we know that marketing budgets have finite limits. However, investing in the most challenging stage of the marketing funnel may pay off as your conversion rates go up. 
  • Set yourself apart from competitors. Consider tactics that will truly set you apart from what others are doing. If everyone else is doing it, it probably works. How can you do it differently? 
  • Fortune favors the bold. Customers are tired of playing the same game. They want brands willing to be daring and display their personality. Think about the top brands that have your attention. We’d guess they are stepping outside the norm and winning customers because of it.
  • Encourage social proof of your brand’s unique identity and service. Keep your social platforms visible and use digital campaigns to complement your tactile marketing tactics so that customers can share the fantastic things you are doing. When you wow your customers, chances are good they’ll share it. 

Think Out of (or Back Inside) the Box to Convert

To help support conversion, we recommend incorporating three-dimensional direct mail (3DDM) into your strategy. One of our most popular marketing conversion tactics, 3DDM is an experiential way to share your message by curating branded, thematic items in a package delivered directly to your prospect. This tactile marketing is beneficial for solidifying your brand identity as part of the conversion process.  


Sending a customized kit with product guides, a welcome gift, and more information about your product or service after a successful first meeting will help to put your brand’s values front and center and set yourself apart from the crowd. Below is an example of the kit we send to prospective customers, which is a perfect example of the type of experience we hope to help our clients create. 

Tactive Announcement Mailer half unboxed to see contents.

Marketing Conversion Tactics for the Win

Unboxed Slack 3DDM Kit. Contents are neatly laid out around the box with a white background.
While 3DDM is an excellent option for converting prospects, there are plenty of additional tactile marketing strategies to use during this marketing funnel stage. For example, client onboarding is an opportune time to create loyal new customers. Here are a few methods we recommend: 



  • A striking product guide can cross- and up-sell for you. You’ve already wowed a prospect enough to become your customer. Make it easy – and fun – for them to buy from you again.  
  • Onboarding guides can help to provide additional resources and information about engaging with your products and brand. Ongoing support is essential for developing long-lasting relationships with your customers.  
  • Branded swag is an excellent way to say “thank you” to a new customer. If budget is an issue, consider scaling gifts based on the purchase amount. A little can go a long way. 
  • Try swatch cards as a creative way to provide options. Instead of listing your product items in a standard format, offer swatch cards as a tactile way to engage your customers with their purchases.  

Using Social Proof to Convert

Tactile marketing campaigns are true attention grabbers, and the thrill your customers experience from them can work in your favor. Many campaigns have gone viral on social platforms simply because companies provided a personalized, noteworthy experience. Here are some ways you can encourage social sharing with your tactile marketing campaign: 

  • Design a microsite or landing page for your campaign, providing follow-up options for additional information and appropriate access to social accounts.  
  • Create a hashtag for your campaign and share generously across social media, highlighting customer content for extended reach.  
  • Host a digital event that ties back to your campaign to encourage users to participate and share.  


As the adage says: give your customers something to rave about, and rave about you, they will.  


Are you ready to increase your conversation rates with tactile marketing? Say, “Hey!” Our team is ready to help you create a one-of-a-kind brand experience that turns prospects into your most loyal fans.