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Corporate Gift Ideas for Every Audience
September 7, 2023

Corporate Gift Ideas for Every Audience

Corporate gifting is a great way to show a little love for your clients — like a high-five of appreciation, strengthening the bond and showing them they’re awesome.” Plus, it’s a chance to sneak in your brand and leave them smiling. 

You know you need a corporate gifting strategy—but you can’t get away with a one size fits all. Consider the differences between an audience of Google employees and those of a Wall Street firm. You’re likely to have corporate recipients with VERY different tastes. What will those quirky tech gurus love to receive? How about the finance fanatics who sleep with numbers imprinted on their eyelids? Regardless of your budget or your people, we have corporate gift ideas for every audience. (Also, take a peek at our favorite finds from a recent promo conference.) 

Whiskey Gift Boxed Set With Wood Rocks Plate

Corporate Gifts for the Cocktail Lover 

Raise a toast to thoughtful appreciation! Discover the perfect presents that mix business with pleasure for your cocktail-loving clients. 


  • Engravable stainless steel bucket cocktail set: This winner comes stocked with all the things your recipients need to measure, mix, and make a signature cocktail. Engrave your logo on the front for that extra bit of branding. 
  • Speakeasy gift set: If your audience likes the quiet perfection of a dimly lit room with a sophisticated feel, try an engravable speakeasy gift set, which comes complete with laser-engraved whiskey stones and two glasses for the perfect top-shelf corporate gift.
  • Mustache bottle opener: If you’re on a budget or need something for the beer lover, try a credit card bottle opener that can easily fit incognito into any wallet, perfect for the impromptu brew.
  • Mixologist cocktail kit: Not sure what they’ll like? Let your audience find their new favorite cocktail with this kit.  
Three piece packing cube set

Corporate Gifts for the Travel Junkies 

If your clients are all about racking up passport stamps during their time off, then these travel-themed corporate gift ideas will be a great fit. 


  • Three-piece packing cube set: A must-have to keep luggage organized, this packing cube set lets your audience hit the skies in style. Design it with your logo so your brand can follow your clients wherever they go next!   
  • Carry-on cocktail kit: For those who want to ensure their destination has a crafted cocktail waiting for them, this carry-on cocktail kit is perfect for clients who wish to start the celebration as soon as they arrive at their destination. With containers sized for airport security, your clients will appreciate your brand’s attention to every boozey detail. 
  • Noise-canceling headphones: Any seasoned traveler will tell you that quality ear gear is essential to enjoy their entertainment of choice en route. Noise cancellation features on this pair let travelers create their travel bubble – no more worrying about chatty seatmates. 
  • Wireless charger: Really, who can’t use a durable wireless charger to make sure all your devices stay charged no matter where life takes you? This functional gift is a must-have for road-trippers and jet-setters alike.  
320Pcs Magnetic Building Set

Corporate Gifts for the Quirky Audience 

If you find yourself thinking, “I have no idea what to get this group,” you can always opt for something a little off the beaten path. These corporate gift ideas are perfect for the customer who has everything!   

  • Levitating moon lamp: A levitating moon lamp is a stellar (see what we did there?) pick for kids and adults alike. It soothes and hovers, using magnetic technology to keep it in flight.
  • Magnetic dartboard: Help your clients score a bullseye this gifting season with a versatile and portable magnetic dartboard! This gift is always a hit and can be used at parties, family game nights, D&D gatherings… you name it.  
  • Magnetic building set: Embrace your inner kid with a funky magnetic building set, a perfect choice for all kinds of creative minds.  
  • Disco bike light mobile party lighting: Bring life to the party with disco ball lighting that is easily attached to any bike. 
YETI Boomer 8 cup Dog Bowl

Corporate Gifts for the Animal Lover 

If your clients’ furry friends make cameo appearances in the background of your Zoom calls, these corporate gift ideas will be a huge hit. 

  • Brushed aluminum frame: For those with a pet that’s more family than friend, this frame is the perfect choice to show off their fur baby. 
  • Yeti Boomer 8-cup dog bowl: Just right for keeping fur families hydrated and happy. 
  • Waffle knit cap: Designed for those chilly morning walks, this will keep your audience super warm and can even be used for those wintertime commutes into the office.  
  • Cotopaxi Bataan hip pack: Whether it’s dog treats or a leash, this hip pack makes it easy to stow some goodies and hit the road for daily walks. 
BELLA + CANVAS Gray Joggers

Corporate Gifts for Family Road Trippers 

Got a solid family audience? Give them the gift of a comfy and entertaining road trip with these corporate gift ideas. 

  • Bella + Canvas joggers: It’s essential to be cozy for those long hours in the car. These joggers are sleep-worthy and oh-so-soft. 
  • Timbuk2 Laptop Backpack: A road trip requires you to have the right entertainment, but you have to keep those laptops protected from all the shuffling in the car. This backpack is light, packs easily, and keeps your laptop safe and sound.  
  • Extender USB extension cord: Nothing says family road trip like sharing! This USB extension cord allows everyone to charge whatever they need while on the road and will stretch all the way back to a third row if needed. 
  • MiiR Pourigami: You do NOT have to sacrifice a good cup of coffee on your road trip or resort to whatever fast-food version you can find. The Pourigami makes an easy and tidy cup of joe on the road. 
Cuisinart® Venture Portable Gas Grill

Corporate Gifts for the Camper 

For a client base that embraces the call of the wild, consider thoughtful and rugged gift ideas that celebrate the spirit of adventure and offer a touch of comfort under the open sky.


  • Slowtide camp blanket: If you like life a little slow, but always snug and warm, you might find this camp blanket to be ideal for lazy days and chilly nights.
  • Sebago packable hammock: Hammocks are ideal for any situation, but espeically camping. This easy, portable hammock makes easy work of relaxing.
Hot Chocolate Bomb Billboard Card w/ Foil

Corporate Gifts for Those Who Love Treats 

Everyone loves a tasty treat. Whether you satisfy a sweet tooth or have a client who salivates for savory, there’s a corporate gift for that. 

  • Smore’s and cocoa gift bag: For those impromptu fireside moments, a smore’s and cocoa gift bag will be a delightful treat for those of any age.  
  • Just Pop In Caramel & Cheddar Popcorn: Sweet and savory together, this popcorn mix is just the right blend of all the good things. 
  • Hot chocolate bomb box: If you’ve never had the pleasure, a cocoa bomb is both pleasing to the eyes and the taste buds.  
  • Pretzel-making kit: This one is great for those slow nights when you just want a delish snack. Paired with stone ground mustard, it’s a treat for the masses. 
12 oz. Sipper Wine Tumbler

Corporate Gifts for the Home Body 

Give your clients a cozy, comfortable feel while you celebrate the joys of staying in this gifting season. These corporate gifts make staying home the ultimate luxurious experience.  

  • Cuisinart Tabletop Fire Bowl: This one brings the soothing sights and sounds of the firepit inside your home, creating a warm atmosphere in your living room.  
  • Redwood National Park Candle: Ethically sourced and complete with a donation to For The Planet, this candle smells wonderful and helps contribute to that welcoming atmosphere. 
  • Wine tumbler: A perfectly crafted wine tumbler keeps your wine at just the right temperature and ends your worries about spills. 
  • Deep tissue percussion massager: Finally, that night in wouldn’t be a success without a little self-care. This massager can help release any tension you may have built up over the week in mere minutes. 
Magnetic Bamboo Bottle Opener

Corporate Gifts for the Tailgater

Get ready to score big with a corporate gift for your sporty customers! These winning ideas are perfect for game days and outdoor celebrations.  

  • Cuisinart charcoal grill: Pop the hatch and pull out the grill. This portable grill is perfect for grilling masses of burgers right before the game.  
  • Reusable bottle with bamboo lid: Any seasoned tailgater will tell you that hydration is key! This bottle even sports a bamboo lid so it’s eco-friendly as well. 


  • Arctic Zone Titan Meal Container: Need to bring some warm soup for that chilly tailgate? This meal container will keep your food warm and ready for eating whenever your fellow tailgaters are ready. 

Ditch the lame gifting and try out some truly keepable corporate gifts from our list. Want to learn how we can help? Say hey and we’ll get started wow-ing your clients!