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Customer Project Spotlight:’s New Year Themed Client Gift
December 29, 2017

Today we’re talking about one of our favorite clients, They teamed up with us in order to make this amazing New Year’s gift box possible! This box is filled with everything you’d need to ring in the new year – and then some! Get inspired to create something great for your next client appreciation project by reading more about’s kit.


Compartes Milk & Cookies Chocolate Chip Cookie Bar

First things first – cookies! Based out of Los Angeles, this Gourmet Chocolate company creates some insane candy bars! This milk and cookies bar is filled with milk chocolate and chunky chocolate chip cookies. Wrapped in space inspired packaging, this candy bar will take you away to the chocolate chip galaxy. Lastly, by tying each package individually with a custom ribbon, you end up get that special finishing touch.


Custom Fortune Cookies, Caramel Corn, & Pop Rocks!

The second piece in this kit are sweets! Not every item in your client gift has to be custom – you can still include some of your favorite, retail brand sweets! Be sure to add a personalized label or custom ribbon to give your generic product the extra touch you need to make a statement. The fortune cookies can be branded with editable logos and custom colors to match your company. Need assistance getting cookies for a customer kit? We’ve got you covered!


4 oz Whole Bean “Conduit Blend” Custom Coffee from Tinker Street Coffee

In addition to cookies, we love a good cup of coffee! A local favorite, this custom coffee package will help you keep the party going all the way past midnight! Located in downtown Indianapolis, Tinker Street specializes in roasting the finest specialty coffees from around the world.


2018 Glasses & Party Poppers

Furthermore, these New Year’s Eve themed glasses and party poppers can be found at any party supply store. Sometimes the cheesier the better – put on your glasses grab a drink, and get ready to pop your popper! Speaking of celebrations…Do you have a tumbler for your drink this new year? Check out the mini tumblers we’ve got for you!


S’well Mini Tumblers

Another piece in this kit is a product made by the eco-alternative company, S’well. Furthermore, they have many great products that will eliminate waste as well as keep you stylish. Encourage others to ring in the new year with the future of the planet in mind – available in many cool colors like White Marble and Calacatta Gold! What’s more is that you’ll be ringing in the new year in style!


Flying Wish Paper

Lastly, a whimsical kit is just the thing you need! Again, think of a special wish and write it on wish paper. Then light the paper on the special stand provided and watch your wish burn and disappear into the sky. It’s a fun way to make resolutions for you or your company this coming year. Furthermore, the packaging includes a 12x12x6 gloss white gift box filled with white crinkle accompanied by a clear custom sticker on the top. 


Want to create a fun client gift that is unique to your company? We’re ready to help you with your next project!