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8 Graphic Design Trends to Power Your 2022 Tactile Marketing Campaigns
April 7, 2022
Many of us are glad to see 2021 and all that made it difficult in our rearview. This year, marketing teams are ditching their old, tired designs and going bold. Savvy brands are taking a fresh, dynamic approach to their tactile marketing projects. Here are the graphic design trends taking off in 2022. 
foil shine graphic design trend

Make Your Piece Pop with a Little Shine 


Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine! (Is this our 2022 mantra? Absolutely.) Gone are the days of matte colors and homogeneity. Now is the time to make your tactile marketing pop with a sparkling design. Give foiling a go for an iridescent, glass, or crystal appearance. Consider adding specialty foils to tactile marketing pieces to form reflective lettering or backgrounds, adding a layer of dimension to your design. These unique printing materials also help attract the eye and separate your work from anything else vying for your audience’s attention. 

Fun with Fonts! Step Outside Your Comfort Zone 


Luckily, our font choices have advanced far beyond the 1980salthough we dig a solid retro look. Today, font options outpace our wildest dreams – so don’t be afraid to be creative. Select a font that adds some flair to your graphic design. Try going bold in both typeface and selection for a special touch. Also, consider integrating two or three different fonts that complement each other well for an added dynamic appearance. 

Font Pairings graphic design trend
die-cut graphic design trend example

Plug Your Brand with Paper Cutouts


Nothing screams custom louder than die-cutting in your tactile marketing. Die-cutting uses razor-sharp blades to cut shapes into a custom print piece. Cuts can be custom designed to allow for branding and thematic variation. This technique also adds depth and provides visual interest to keep your recipient engaged with your brand. Create special effects by incorporating die-cutting into your three-dimensional direct mail piecessimilar to those 3D, interactive books you loved as a kid.

Kick Into High Gear with Color 


Customers love to see brands stepping outside of their comfort zones! Graphic design pros pay attention to white space, keeping the look clean and fresh—but that doesn’t mean you should avoid color. Don’t be afraid to develop a vibrant or unique color palette in your designs to draw the eye. Try pairing unconventional colors together and integrating colors in a new way for a fresh take on your print pieces.  

Embrace Your Inner Anarchist with Anti Design 

For all you rule-breakers out there, this one’s for you! Anti Design breaks the rules of traditional graphic design, allowing the creators to be fluid with their creations and embrace a modern look. Try stepping outside of the traditions and play creatively with space. Don’t be afraid to scale up and go bold, breaking out of the norms.  

Excite with Inclusion 

Inclusiveness is the new sexy. Your audience includes individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds. When designing your tactile marketing piece, considering all perspectives is an easy way to showcase your brand values to a broad audience. Be sure to think about all parts of your tactile marketing when it comes to inclusive design – from photos to graphics to accessibility. Designing for inclusion is always a win-win! 

Art Deco Graphic Design Trend

Decorate with Art Deco and Geometric Angles


Art deco caught the minds and hearts of the early 1900s for a reason, and its one graphic design trend that is sticking around. The bold geographic style lets you exude texture and a sense of dimension with your graphic design. For a modern touch, try detailing with gold foil! Experiment with angles and overlapping geometric shapes of different varieties to design a new piece with a vintage feel. 

Roll with the Grunge 

Nostalgia marketing is raging like a machine these days, and the grungy vibes of the 90s are sneaking into graphic design. Try experimenting with distressing your logo or adding a little texture to your fonts. Let go of perfection, and you’ll create a piece that resonates – especially with your Gen-X audience. Think dark colors and disaffected youth, and you’ve got a winner. 

Grunge T-Shirt Graphic Design Trend
Most importantly, make sure you are thoughtful about your tactile marketing campaign. Need some support? We can help! Just say, “Hey Tactive!” Our team is ready to help you incorporate any of these graphic design trends into your next project.