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Here we Go(Go)
March 5, 2010

Three days ago I was riding… errr.. running… errr – whatever you call it when you are utilizing the elliptical machine at the gym (ellipting?) – and, along with all the other random nonsense that one thinks about while trying not to think about the minutes left until the agony is over, I thought about a cup.

Awesome Cup This cup. 

The cup is, specifically, a 16oz. Acrylic Double Wall Tumbler from one of my favorite drink-ware suppliers.  (Who also happens to supply free samples to their clients – a nice perk of working in the industry of free giveaways.)  Other than its neat design, durability and the fact that it is pink (the color of choice for sophisticated ladies… and 3-year-old girls), it does the same thing all cups do.  Hold drinks.

But for some reason, I just love this cup.  Maybe it’s the straw?  Maybe it’s the lid?  Maybe it’s the fact that it fits perfectly in the corner of my desk and I don’t have to worry about spilling water on my keyboard?  (May have happened before…more than once…) Whatever the reason, I love this cup!

My mental adoration of this cup spun quickly into a tornado of other thoughts.  Maybe other people would love this cup too?  If I love this cup, and remember instantly where it came from, maybe my clients would want to give it to their clients to remember them?  And come to think of it, there are a lot of creative things my clients have done with our products that would be fun to read about. What if I shared these stories with the world!?

Not that the idea of blogging about your business is new, but the thought that I might actually have something to talk about that would be worth reading was certainly a revelation.  And it all happened so fast that when I looked down to see that I still had about 25 minutes to spend ellipting I pretty much wanted to throw the cup across the gym.  Good thing it is “virtually” indestructible.

indestructable cup Not a scratch. 

In those five minutes I had made up my mind.  I’m starting a blog about the Tactive Promotional Products department and all the cool stuff we try, see, and do.

So here it is. Promo A GoGo. A place to share new and unique product ideas, success stories, creative uses, and things we love.  But it’s not all about us.  Really, it’s about you. After all, our clients are the reason we have any stories to tell at all.  Come to think of it, I believe it was a client of mine who prompted me to order that awesome magical cup in the first place.

In which case, I’d like to raise my glass (or mystical acrylic cup) to you. And also to the elliptical machine, for burning calories without destroying my knees, and generating grand ideas.



Shout Out: Thanks to my co-workers, Jessica, Erin, and George for allowing me to interrupt your busy work days to ask you for the 10th time what I should name this blog.  You guys rock.