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How many folds can you do in an hour?
November 1, 2011

Myself, I’m at about 5000.

Yeah, I know, pretty awesome.  (And I’m not normally one to brag unless there’s good reason, i.e. 5000 folds an hour.)  This is all in part to my new folder – the Duplo DF-1000.

I love getting a new piece of equipment for my bindery department.

It’s like welcoming a new baby to the family!  A 300-pound steel baby, granted, but still cute as a button.  If you like 300-pound steel buttons, that is – which I do, though I won’t be bouncing it on my knee.

Half folds, letter folds, double folds, engineer folds…

Even the seldom seem triple chocolate banana split fold!  Okay, okay… that one is still in the developmental stages.  Otherwise, we’ve got all your folding needs covered.  In addition to our already impressive list of services, now we can bump this to the top of the list.  Thanks, Duplo!

Have you got any letter mailings that need to go out this week?  How about some 4-page brochures to get to your clients ASAP?  Just give me a call and I’ll make it happen, thanks in no small part to our new family member!

Printed on our iGen110, folded on our DF-1000, handled by Tactive and yours truly…


Want to see some video of our new folder in action?

For more info on our friends at Duplo, check out their full website: