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How to Get Leads with Tactile Marketing
July 5, 2022

Generating leads can be a tricky business. A quick internet search yields thousands of sales tips and strategies for bringing in more prospects. Despite all this advice, you may still find it challenging to grab the attention of your prospect list. Tactile marketing is a great way to gain an edge when engaging with prospects. Here are some physical sales collateral ideas to get your gears turning 

Case Studies for Lead Gen 

Your prospects are constantly peppered with sales jargon and fluff. Everyone’s got an elevator pitch that includes all the marvelous aspects of what you’re selling—the options for customization, how easy it is to implement, and maybe even some stellar product specs to dazzle your prospect. A well-developed pitch is good, but sales reps often miss the mark because they spend too much time talking about what they’re selling and not enough time understanding customer challenges. To engage a prospect, you need to demonstrate how your product or service solves their pain points. Case studies can speak volumes when it comes to this challenge. 


Case studies make a terrific tactile marketing piece because they illustrate the real-world application of what you’re selling. While you can email a PDF, leaving a beautifully printed case study with a prospect will make more of an impact. Have a chat, present your spiel, and then let them mull over a printed copy of your case study as they think about your offering.  


Quick Tip: Take the time to put reasonable effort into your case study. Gather firm numbers that demonstrate your value and any necessary examples, then pull it all together into a thoughtfully designed and professionally printed piece.  

Product Brochures Help You Sell 

Prospects want to know what they’re getting for their money. You can tell them how your services translate into real life, but many people need to visualize it. How do you keep your solutions before them once you have vacated their space? You do that with a product brochure. 


Product brochures have real potential for impact. With striking photos to support product details, a professional product brochure provides decision-makers with all the info they need in one place. A product brochure offers easily digestible information as they mull over their options. And the best part? They don’t have to search through a mountain of emails to find the answers when it’s right there on their desk. 


Quick Tip: Have your product owner do competitive research and devote time to fleshing out the details. Pair this with professional photos and a clean design, and you’ll have a winning tactile marketing piece.

Three-Dimensional Direct Mail Gives Selling a Personalized Edge 

Three-dimensional direct mail (3DDM) is a package that includes themed swag and a personalized letter, expertly arranged in a branded box that is mailed directly to prospects or customers. During the pandemic, creative brands embraced 3DDM as a requisite marketing strategy. As an alternative to being face to face, some companies began using 3DDM to engage with prospects, customers, and employees while remaining responsibly distanced. 


3DDM can be an effective strategy in many ways. Are you looking to capture attention for a quick demo? Try sending a video mailer. Want to show off a sample of what you have to offer? Package your product with related goodies and deliver it directly to your prospect. People react positively to receiving mail, especially packages, and tactile marketing is a great way to differentiate yourself from your competitors.  


Quick Tip: Make it personal. Studies show that 80% of people are more likely to buy from a place that offers a personalized experience. Make your recipient feel as though your package is intended specifically for them. 

Give the Promotional Giveaway an Upgrade 

The promotional giveaway isn’t a new sales trick. It’s a golden oldie that helps drum up brand awareness. But are prospects paying attention? Tactile marketing opens a world of possibilities for promotional giveaways. With the right amount of brainpower and a spark of creativity, you can use tactile marketing to ensure your giveaway truly resonates.  


Giving away football tickets? Put together some branded swag to wear to the game. Offering a weekend getaway? Throw in a quality travel bag featuring your logo. Whatever your giveaway entails, you can use tactile marketing to create an engaging, exciting experience for your prospects. Plus, the swag doubles as free advertising. 


Quick Tip: Choose wisely. Prospects aren’t looking to add another cheap mug to their coffee tumbler collection. Make your selection unique, practical, and relevant. 

Thank You Cards Are Even More Relevant in a Digital World 

Time is a valuable asset. If someone has given you their time in the form of a phone call, demo, or meeting, make sure you show your gratitude with a real (yes, a physical, tangible, touchable) thank you card.  


A professionally printed thank you card demonstrates your appreciation more meaningfully than a digital note. Plus, throwing in your business card ensures your contact details are top of mind – or easily shared with a referral. 


Quick Tip: Generic cards are great in a pinch but keeping a set of branded cards on hand is a subtle way to demonstrate that your company cares. Consider including specialty finishes to really wow your contact!  


The marketplace is competitive. Make sure you stand out with engaging tactile marketing that grabs the attention of your most important prospects. 

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