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Awareness phase of the marketing funnel image with Mitsch Designs 3DDM Kit.
How to Increase Brand Awareness with Tactile Marketing
August 24, 2022
Ever find yourself remembering a funny corporate T-shirt? Or maybe you are currently listening to your favorite tunes on a Bluetooth speaker you won at a conference? When it comes to brand awareness, it’s all about impressions. Tactile marketing is one of the best ways to increase brand impressions and gain attention.  

Physical marketing items – like promotional products, printed collateral, signage, or packaging – create a strong association with the brain and leave customers with a positive impression of your business. To boost your brand awareness, try setting yourself apart with tactile marketing. 

Grab Attention with Signage and Booth Design

Are you setting up a booth at a conference or expo hall? Signage and booth design speak volumes about your brand. Event attendees form long-lasting impressions about your brand simply based on the appearance of these elements. An innovative design can solidify your brand in a prospect’s mind. However, a lackluster design can cause your brand to fade into the background, forming little to no impression on potential new customers.

To boost brand awareness, choose a partner who can help develop a cohesive theme and a striking design. Innovative designers and print partners can advise you on which print materials suit your brand while helping you stand out from the crowd. They can also advise on which booth designs create a lasting impression of your brand while helping to maintain your budget expectations. Your signage and booth may be your first impression with prospects, so make it a good one.

Large Format Booth Signage with Indy art piece in front center.

Give it Away to Raise Brand Awareness at Events 

NextGear's All In All Win Event swag displayed.
Events are great ways to raise brand awareness. Beyond your presentation, one of the most tried and true ways to attract visitors to your event is with a giveaway. Typically, giveaways generate more interest when you offer a single or a limited number of higher-value items. Make it attractive! Think about what would resonate with your audience and select promotional products that would be useful for your prospects but are a touch above what they would spend on themselves.

Some ideas might include branded versions of items, such as:

  • High-end swag boxes with luxury items
  • Bluetooth devices of any variety
  • Extended free trials of your service
  • A luxury bag for travel or for carrying devices
  • A unique snack box with accompanying beverages
  • A helpful product related to your industry

Encourage attendees to drop a business card or provide an email address. You get leads, they get cool stuff—win, win!

Put a Twist on Tradition with Direct Mail

It may seem a bit old-fashioned, but who doesn’t like getting something in the mail? We do! Putting a modern spin on a mailer can catch the eye of your prospects and create a positive brand impression. Unique paper types and creative packaging can go miles toward winning the awareness of your audience. 

We suggest you develop your personas and target your audiences with specially designed pieces that appeal to different demographic groups. Depending on your budget, you can opt for a traditional mailer or a three-dimensional mail piece. Consider targeting a larger audience with a budget-friendly option while going all in with high-value branded products for high-value prospects.  

Gettin’ Busy with Brand Awareness Using Your Business Cards

In today’s digital age, people often neglect their business cards. However, this essential piece of contact info is still necessary. Putting a unique spin on your business card might be exactly what you need to make a solid brand impression.  

Here are a few ways you can use your business card to raise brand awareness. 


Try an unconventional shape. Okay, this doesn’t necessarily mean going crazy with a star cut, but you can opt for an unusual or slightly modified shape that suits your brand.


Choose a snappy description. Are you a marketing consultant or a marketing enthusiast and brand ambassador who helps innovative brands stand out from the crowd? It matters that you are excited about what you do, and your business card should reflect it!


Trevor's Live Well business cards
Add sharp graphics. Choose a modern design with a clean color palette and font that communicates your purpose. Then, consider getting creative with finishes such as metallic foils or shiny glosses. 


Select the right material and finish. Your business card doesn’t need to be flimsy. There are multiple paper options and finishes you can choose from that will give your business card an edge. Choose a finish that complements your design and helps communicate your value and personality.

Want to learn more about how tactile marketing can increase your brand awareness? Say, “Hey, Tactive!” Our team is ready to help.