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How to Manage Lead Consideration with Tactile Marketing
September 7, 2022
Marketing pros know the importance of getting prospects to convert. If you’re anything like us, you also live and breathe the marketing funnel and enjoy the fun of getting your loyalists from top to bottom. The second level of the marketing funnel involves consideration, a tricky stage where prospects seek more information before buying. So how can you wow customers considering your product or service to help them move more quickly through the funnel? You guessed it: Tactile marketing! 

Why Tactile Marketing Works for the Consideration Phase

The consideration phase of the buyer’s journey means a potential customer has recognized a need and begins to research their options. Generally, buyers have narrowed their choices to a few companies that meet their needs and are now weighing their selections for the best fit.

Now is your opportunity to make an impression. Remember that prospects are looking to identify a frontrunner among multiple options. Tactile marketing is a great way to set your business apart from the crowd and helps you convert your lead into a customer. Here are some great ideas for standing out from your competitors while amplifying your lead consideration process.

Redhead holding up a 3DDM mail piece with neon colored clothing.

Add Some Panache to Your Brochures and Sell Sheets 

Most companies develop marketing materials to help educate prospects through sales brochures and one-pagers. These are common, dare we say, a dime a dozen—this isn’t a groundbreaking practice. However, printed collateral is an exceptional opportunity to use your content to grab attention, highlight your messaging, and display your unique brand personality. Here are some tips for upgrading your marketing materials.


  • Don’t be afraid to go bold with your design. These days, prospects love nostalgia and dig companies who aren’t afraid to show their fun-loving side. Design thoughtfully and give your design some character. Check out these design tips to make your tactile marketing piece pop in 2022. 
  • Have a good time with your copy. We’re all human, and most of us love it when a company isn’t afraid to have some fun with its messaging. Embrace your inner comedian and play with your copy to show prospects that they can expect excellent service with a side of witty authenticity. 
  • Wrap it up nicely. Whether a fully designed box or the ol’ traditional envelope, make it stand out from the rest of a mail pile. Standard envelopes don’t need to be a conventional size or shape. Opt for a specialty finish and choose quality paper to send the right message. 
  • Be inclusive. Most companies have implemented DEI efforts and are no longer encouraging partnerships with businesses that don’t support inclusion. Make sure the imagery in your printed pieces reflects the diversity of your community. 

Champion the Follow Up to the Call with 3DDM 

Moving your marketing leads along the funnel is a process that takes time. It’s typical for a prospect call to end with indecision. Most prospects expect a follow-up email after a call with the customary thank you and some prompts to take the next step toward becoming a customer—lovely but not exceptional.  

Instead, forego the email and send along some wow-inducing, neatly boxed, three-dimensional direct-mail awesomeness. A physical piece shipped to a desk or doorstep is an unrivaled way to showcase your brand and amplify your promise of fantastic customer service. Prospects will be surprised at the gesture and intrigued by the marketing tactic.

Here are some budget-friendly ideas for a winning follow-up 3DDM campaign in the consideration phase. 

  • A branded coffee tumbler and gift card for coffee. Thanks for the time. Have a cup of joe on us this week! 
  • A video mailer. Appreciate the time. Learn more about our services in this video! 
  • A desktop sand timer. We appreciate the time and wanted to gift some back. Thanks for meeting with us! 
  • A small notebook. We took notes, and now you can too. Thanks for taking the time to chat with us!

You get the gist. You can always punch it up for higher-value prospects. Just be sure to grab their attention! (Psst… check out one of our most successful campaigns to see what works.)

Send a Killer Thank You Note 

Following a phone call or meeting, send out a thank you card that leaves a lasting impression. Thank you notes may seem rare in today’s digital world, but a handwritten note can go a long way. Here are some tips for a stand-out thank you card.    

  • Choose quality paper. Paper choice matters. We mean that sincerely. Quality paper or cardstock will emanate sincerity and class. 
  • Personalize with details. You don’t want this to read like a stock letter that everyone gets. Make sure to include your prospect’s name and some details from your conversation to show you truly paid attention. 
  • Add some color with small design elements. Avoid URLs and CTAs, but consider adding colors or patterns that align with your brand. A thank-you note shouldn’t act like marketing collateral, or it won’t seem genuine. 
  • Use nice handwriting. Or just get it printed. Either way, it should be easily discernible and straightforward.
Multiple thank you cards that have different designs and color themes.
These days, brand consideration is stiff competition and lead consideration can be even more of a challenge. The global marketplace makes it easy to choose from multiple options—so don’t be left out. Be the stand-out.  


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