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How to Use Tactile Marketing for ABM
September 14, 2021

Marketing is a true success when a campaign resonates with your target audience. Ultimately, the goal is to create a positive memory of your brand with your most important audiences. Effective marketing often starts with a winning theme and an additional element that is increasingly playing a more prominent role: personalization. With so many tools available to identify audience preferences and provide content that meets those criteria, marketing campaigns are shifting to personalized approaches to improve customer engagement. Brands that nail personalization genuinely stand out.

But how do you enable your account-based marketing (ABM) to deliver results? That’s where tactile marketing comes in. By quieting the noise in a world of digital saturation, tactile marketing leaves a positive impression on a customer with tangible personalized messaging.

We love it when synergies come together to create really freaking excellent marketing, and a blended approach of ABM and tactile marketing helps make this happen

Where Account-Based Marketing Meets Tactile Marketing

Account-based marketing and tactile marketing are similar at their core. ABM involves targeting specific segments of your audience and hyper-personalizing campaigns to help deepen engagement. Tactile marketing utilizes physical items to form a positive brand association, but it’s most successful when personalized for your specific audience. When personalization is a priority, tactile marketing and ABM are a perfect pair.

Modern customers are overwhelmed with digital marketing campaigns and bombarded by advertising. That’s why marketers see so much success with the combined tactics of ABM and tactile marketing. A targeted approach alongside physical takeaways engages customers with marketing that deeply connects with their particular needs, forms a positive brand association, and differentiates a company from its competition.

6 Steps to Use Tactile Marketing for ABM

To truly mesh the two marketing approaches, you’ll need to:

  1. Bring sales and marketing together to identify high-value accounts.
    Your sales team has a good feel for which accounts provide the most potential. Marketing needs this insight to understand where your customers find value and why they choose your company over your competitors.
  1. Identify what those audiences value and look for in a service or product.
    Take a close look at the audience segment you are targeting. What struggles do they have? What pain points can you address? How will you provide them with value over your competitors? Once you pinpoint this information, your team will be better equipped to develop your tactile marketing campaign.
  1. Plan your messaging.
    Messaging is important, especially in an ABM approach. Because you are targeting a small subset of your audience, you have the opportunity to maximize your messaging. Remember, it’s all about personalization! Dig deep to uncover your audience’s pain points, then choose a tone and tell them how you plan to address their unique challenges.
  1. Determine your tactile marketing medium.
    Which mediums will be the most effective in achieving a personal connection? Which will resonate with your audience? Tactile marketing has the potential for more meaningful customer relationships when you get it right. Think about your account and determine what will strike a chord with the recipients. Is a customized product brochure the best way to catch your target’s eye? Or will a three-dimensional direct mail piece be what sets you apart?
  1. Choose a fulfillment partner.
    Your fulfillment partner brings your ideas to life. Choose a partner that takes the time to understand your needs and helps support you along the way. Our team of experts is always available to help you design, develop, and deliver your campaign!
  1. Launch your campaign.
    Once you have all the pieces in place, execute your plan and reap the benefits.
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The Benefits of a Blended Account-Based and Tactile Marketing Approach

You may not feel ready to jump in and run with a combined approach just yet. There’s no shortage of work in developing personalized marketing, but the potential advantages are worth the effort.

Build Deeper Customer Engagement

A blended approach creates the perfect conditions for personalization. It allows you to hone in on what your audience wants to feel and deliver it in a way that sticks. A Tactile/ABM approach is marketing in its most refined form, empowering brands to speak to audiences in a novel way, engage them on a much deeper level, and generate and maintain more meaningful relationships.

Create Loyal Customers

When customers are truly engaged, they find value beyond simple transactions, develop deeper connections with your brand, and become long-term, loyal customers. These customers serve as a persistent base and help to promote your brand to others.

Win The Attention of New Accounts

Highly engaged customers are a great way to attract new business. A loyal band of brand ambassadors is extraordinary social proof that prospects can seldom ignore.

Personalization is the path to creating more meaningful customer relationships. With tactile marketing and an account-based approach, you’re well on your way to deeper engagement. Want help developing your tactile marketing campaign? Chat with one of our tactile marketing experts today!