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How to Use Tactile Marketing to Create Customer Loyalty
November 4, 2022
Converting a lead to an active customer is exciting, but do you know what’s even better? Loyalty! Many companies dedicate a significant amount of resources toward building customer loyalty because retention is extremely valuable.


One survey revealed that 82% of companies agree that retention is cheaper than acquisition. Plus, data shows that satisfied customers will share a positive brand experience with 11 people – that’s free advertising (and a more trusted version of it!) that can lead to referrals. There are plenty of other statistics to share, but in short, it’s in your best interest to provide your customers with a stellar brand experience.


Incorporating tactile marketing into your client engagement programs and overall marketing strategy can be a great way to turn customers into your biggest fans. Here are a few tried and true customer and brand loyalty tactics we recommend. 

Send an Ol’ Fashioned Thank You Note 

Aerial view of Christmas and Holiday thank you cards on a gray background.
Humans love to be recognized. Don’t knock the age-old tradition of a beautiful thank you note. Even though it’s simple, a thank you note can leave quite the impression. In an age of digital fatigue, a physical thank you note can help to set you apart from competitors, and customers will appreciate that you’ve gone through the effort.


You can even go one extra step and design a dazzling thank you card that will keep you in your customer’s thoughts for days to come. Be sure to personalize it and provide contact information for customer service in case consumers have questions or issues. Think of it as a step up in customer service. Oh, and by the way, 93% of consumers make repeat purchases from companies with excellent customer service.  

Create Customer Loyalty with 3DDM 

In today’s digital world, three-dimensional direct mail (3DDM) is an incomparable way to show your customers and partners how much you appreciate them. 3DDM offers the opportunity to create a brand experience for the recipient that goes beyond simple swag. You can passively say, “Thanks.” Or you can scream, “THANK YOU! WE APPRECIATE YOU” from the top of your proverbial marketing lungs with a well-developed direct mail kit.


Here are some ways to create customer and brand loyalty with 3DDM: 


  • Say “thanks” for a purchase. Design a cool box and throw in a few small items to say thank you for a customer’s first, 10th, or 100th purchase. (You get the idea.)
  • Upsell with a striking direct mail piece. Customer research shows that the probability of selling to an existing customer is between 60-70%. Make it easy by sending product upsell options directly to them with a personalized and unique mailing. Include a coupon code or other call to action and another purchase is just a natural follow-up.
  • Show your love with swag. Products that are functional and well-designed are always popular. And 61% of customers believe that surprise gifts and offers are an important way to interact with a brand. Bonus: Your customers act as a walking advertisement. If customers love your brand, let them show it off for you! 
  • Send an annual gift to valuable contacts. More than 70% of consumers are more likely to recommend a brand with a solid customer loyalty program. Consider celebrating your extraordinary customers and partners with an annual gift. For example, in 2022, we showed our appreciation with an interactive and engaging superhero-themed kit, and our nostalgic 2021 90’s kit won a national award! Done well, 3DDM can engage your recipients, aid in customer retention, and inspire partners to share your brand with their contacts.
90s direct mail marketing campaign kit

Happy Employees = Happy Customers! 

According to Entrepreneur, “Studies confirm that employee happiness correlated with employee efficiency, creativity, and productivity. This has the same effect on customers—proving that happy employees make customers happy.” Employees who love their job are glad to represent your brand. Let them advertise for you by providing them with apparel and accessories emblazoned with your logo. Give them some swag on an annual basis, or consider creating an e-shop to make branded apparel available anytime.
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Loyalty is a valuable thing to earn. Show your appreciation, and customers will keep coming back again and again and again and again… Want to put these tips into action for your brand? Just say, “Hey, Tactive!” and our team of experts will be there to help!