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How well do you know Promotional Products?
June 24, 2011

I remember my college Statistics class well. It was the only math class I was required to take for my social science degree, and my professor told me that I couldn’t miss class when I was diagnosed with Mono. So I licked all the desks in the classroom when she wasn’t looking. Okay, I didn’t really do that… (but I might have thought about it.)

Let’s be honest, statistics can be pretty boring.  But add some fun graphics and all of a sudden the boring numbers become interesting, and often surprising. For a visual (read: mathematically challenged) person like myself, it’s the best!

I found this infographic about the Promotional Products Industry and thought I’d share. Even though I do this for a living, I was still surprised by some of the information.  Any surprises for you?

Promo Infographic

Promo Infographic (Larger PDF Version)