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These Large Format Print Products are Exactly What You Need to Impress at Your Event
August 26, 2019

Time to break out your banners and swag. Event season is in full swing! For event attendees, that means armfuls of free stuff. For you, it means the opportunity to wow your future customers. In order to do that, you’ll need to bring your A-game with the right large format print products.

Customers love events. It’s a quick break from the day-to-day drudgery of the office, resulting in heaps of rewards like socks, playing cards, and various other trinkets. Attendees get the rare chance to interact with brands on their own terms and brands get to score new business. Win-win. But in order to dazzle and convert, you need to get yourself noticed. Know the saying, dress to impress? The same goes for your event. Except for you, that means having the right large format print products.

The next time event planning ramps into high gear, make sure you have the following products on hand:

Larger-than-Life Product Cutouts

Circle Kombucha uses product cutouts for promotional events.

Picture walking into a movie premiere, posing by a life-sized version of your favorite superhero (or villain, for that matter.) It really adds an element of fun to your next socially shared selfie. Now inject that awesomeness into selling your brand. Grab attention and showcase your products with a full-size cutout. Want to sell your newest shoe design? Imagine a giant set of kicks. Or maybe highlight your latest brew? No problem with a larger-than-life bag of coffee. Whatever you are selling, make a memorable statement with your product cut-outs. As an added bonus, you can even encourage that Instagram selfie to assist with your social strategy.






Indy TactiveDE banners on a street poleThe banner is the staple of any event—simple, lightweight, effective, and easy to transport. Banners can be found all over at events, displaying everything from product highlights to logos, and directional signage to photo backdrops. Banners tell people where they need to be and they put your brand front and center for attendees. Just because these items are essential doesn’t mean they have to be boring. You can now choose from a selection of various materials, sleeves, grommets, and other paraphernalia to dress up your event. Your rep can help you walk through the options to determine what’s best for you.





Banner Stands

Banner Stand outside a tradeshow boothThis little piece of signage is a must-have for booths. They’re a great prop, can be transported easily, and are simply moved to the perfect spot at the last minute. Banner stands can also save you some coin on stunning graphics if you’re penny-pinching. Simply switch out the insert and you can customize your banner sign for each event.






Custom Table Covers

Custom table cover at an eventMaking your brand easily identifiable is a must, especially when attendees are moving from table to table. One great way to do this is with a custom table cover. Thankfully, we are past the days of the plain ‘ol black and white covers. (Boring!) Get your brand noticed with a vibrant, fully colored tablecloth, complete with logos and other identifiable branding material. Additionally, these remarkable items are easily washable and help to modernize your space.






Directional Signage

Directional signage with arrowsYou know what’s frustrating? Being lost. Luckily, GPS now saves us from the pain of having to stop and ask for directions. Your attendees don’t want to be lost either. That’s why you need directional signage. Customers may find themselves losing faith in your brand if they aren’t able to find their way around your event. Directional signage will point the way to Registration or Keynote Speaker or, more importantly, Networking Happy Hour. Get your people where you want them by having the right directional signage on hand.






Foam Core Signs

Seating chart foam core signTake your signage to the next level with foam core signs. Light and sturdy, these print pieces can be easily positioned wherever you need them to attract the attention of your future customers. They also work great as directional pieces and can be distributed as handheld items to event workers. Who needs a lanyard? Make your helpers easily identifiable to attendees and pull off a stellar event.


Are you ready to make a huge impact at your next event? Chat with a print rep today to learn how you can dress to impress with our large format print products.