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Master Corporate Gifts with These Tips
November 16, 2018

The holidays are wonderful, aren’t they? Snow-covered treetops, twinkling lights, and holiday parties really put the “happy” in the Holidays. One great way to ensure you are adding to the merriment is with a corporate thank-you gift to show your gratitude for a great year. But the weather outside won’t be the only thing that’s frightful if you find yourself scrambling for the right way to say thanks.

With every company sending gifts, it can difficult to stand out as the piles of corporate logo mugs and discarded cookies grow ever larger in the corner of the break room. To really shine the light generated by your unique brand, try these tips to make sure your corporate holiday gift stands out from the crowd:

Who should we give to?

Santa must have a tough job checking off everyone on his list. The challenge is real. When the holidays roll around, you want to ensure you aren’t leaving anyone out in the cold. Don’t forget:

  • Clients: Remember to show your appreciation to those wonderful individuals who power your company and help it grow.
  • Employees: That excellent team that keeps the grand machine running definitely appreciates hearing thanks for a year of hard work.
  • Vendors: If you’ve brought on vendors to help round out your team, don’t forget to say thanks to them also.
  • Corporate partners: Most companies wouldn’t be able to do what they do without the help of corporate partners. If you value yours, make sure to show your gratitude.

What should we give?

Brainstorming is key. Think of a product that might be related to your brand or a recent milestone, but try to take the path less traveled. You could opt for a local gift basket that can be customized to represent your regional flavor (like the items available from our sister-company, Batch). Also, be wary of being overly promotional. If you find yourself stuck, contact your promo distributor for help honing in on a unique gift idea or check out our favorite corporate holiday gift ideas for inspiration.

Corporate Gift Giving

When should we give?

You may have a day in mind when you will disseminate your thank-you gift to make just the right impact. About that…make sure you’re leaving ample time for production!

  • Consider production timelines: Standard production times for promo products is approximately 2-3 weeks. If you are adding a unique finish, such as coating, foils, etc., you can add an extra 1-2 weeks until completion.
  • Christmas vacation: Not of the Griswold variety. However, if you don’t want to opt for the jelly-of-the-month club as your holiday gift, keep in mind that lots of people knock off before the holidays to spend time with family. So, plan ahead!
  • If this holiday isn’t for you, choose an unusual holiday to show your appreciation: We send a New Year’s gift to say thank you because we are so busy fulfilling your orders during November and December. You could always select a different holiday to differentiate your business from the competition. (We’ve seen some epic Valentine’s day gifts.)

Where should we deliver our gift?

The office immediately comes to mind when sending a corporate thank-you gift. This option works for teams or individuals, but these days packages are often screened before they reach intended hands and can get caught up in the shuffle. If the gift is meant for a key client or individual, you might find that the old-fashioned face-to-face gift exchange is the best option. You can sleep soundly knowing your thoughtful gift made it to its intended destination. If that seems unlikely, you could send a gift to the recipient’s home or give out a special team gift at a holiday gathering.

Why give?

Because giving is appreciated!

Corporate Gift Packaging

How should we package our gift?

Consider the presentation. While the wrapping is sometimes overlooked, an elegant presentation can be fun to unbox and gives your gift that special final touch which nudges your gift from the “thanks for sending” territory to the “wow, that was different” realm. Keep in mind that fragile items may not make it intact if you’re mailing and other items, such as alcohol, cannot be shipped.

Now that your creative wheels are picking up speed, here are a few tips on gift-giving etiquette in the business world.

  • Consider the audience: While some gifts may seem unique and funny upon sending, they may fall flat if deemed inappropriate by your audience.
  • Beware of leaving people out: Gifts given to employees can be especially effective when showing your gratitude for hard work. But remember that giving to some and not to others could be perceived as favoritism.
  • Be wary of self-promotion: Plastering your company logo across your gift might come off as being promotional, rather than appreciative. Tastefully including your logo is fine, but a thank-you gift should not be seen as a marketing ploy.
  • Avoid gifts with religious or political overtones: Show your appreciation without displaying your belief system.
  • Make sure you know the rules: There may be rules governing which people can receive gifts or certain value limitations on the gift itself. Make sure you know these rules up front.

Most importantly, your promo distributor should be able to help you ensure your thank-you gift is a huge hit! Say, “Hi”, and our print & promo experts will help you master your corporate gift.