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How our customers are shining during a worldwide pandemic
May 1, 2020

Here’s some not-so-surprising good news: our customers are awesome. From major Fortune 500 companies supporting healthcare workers to local businesses keeping customers safe, we want to take a moment and celebrate the good that our amazing customers are putting out into the world.

We knew our customers were awesome before Covid-19 disrupted our lives, but they sure are giving us a lot of hope for when we get back to the new normal.

Donate Tinker Coffee to a Healthcare Hero

An Indy favorite, Tinker Coffee Co. is a specialty coffee roaster that offers delicious brew for restaurants, cafes, businesses, and individuals. Now, when you shop online you can choose to donate your purchase. Tinker will make sure it gets delivered to a local healthcare worker. Three cheers for Tinker! Click here to shop and donate

(Labels printed by Tactive)

Salesforce Supports Front-Line Workers

Our Indy Salesforce office made sure workers at 8 different local hospitals know how much they are appreciated. Salesforce sent 8,000 greeting cards, along with an enclosed Starbucks gift card, to those on the front lines. Go Salesforce!

(printing, fulfillment, and delivery by Tactive)

And they didn’t stop there… Salesforce partnered with Nike to celebrate Superhero Day with a special delivery of 2000 sweatpants and gift cards to local healthcare workers. They may not be able to work from home, but at least they can be comfy! Way to go, Salesforce!

(printing, fulfillment, and delivery by Tactive)

Guggeman Haus Keeps Customers Safe

One of our favorite spots for a craft beer with the Tactive team is just around the corner from our office. (Oh, man do we miss it!) Guggeman Haus Brewing Co. has adapted to the pick-up only life, and taken it up a notch with delivery right to your car! Treat yourself to some good brew (like, really good you guys), support local, and stay safe. Yes, Guggeman!

(signs printed and laminated by Tactive)

The Dugout Bar Seeks Donations for Roudebush VA Medical Center

Lookup any list of Indy’s best dive bars, and The Dugout Bar is on it. Shifting their operations to carry-out only is tough enough, but The Dugout Bar is taking it to the next level by also seeking donations to support frontline workers at Roudebush VA Medical Center. See the list below to contribute, and grab something delicious while you’re at it! (We recommend the Deep Fried Pepper Jack Cheese Balls – YUM.)

(Tactive is proud to support The Dugout both financially and with donations of unused inventory)


Circle Kombucha Keeps Healthcare Workers Healthy

In late March, Circle Kombucha started a Healthcare Workers Donation program to provide delicious, healthy drinks to hospital staff on the front lines. When you order through their curbside pickup option, you can choose to purchase cans for yourself or donate them to a front-line worker. However you choose, Circle will donate one case for every three cases purchased. Amazing, Circle! Click here to order & donate!