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Our favorites from the 2018 PPAI Expo
February 4, 2018

The 2018 PPAI Expo is an annual, promotional product industry event that is attended by more than 12,000 promo professionals. This year, Tactive traveled to the Las Vegas Mandalay Bay Convention Center to connect with suppliers from some of the hottest brands in the corporate gifting market. The Tactive team took to the floor and viewed more than 1,200 exhibiting companies, spread over 3,120 booths – and emerged with the best new product ideas for you!

Our customers have increasingly requested environmentally safe products, the latest tech trends, and fashion-forward wear for their company, so we’re bringing you our best finds to kick off your 2018 promo plan.

Green Products

Consumers are very aware of their ecological footprint and are demanding environmentally safe and eco-friendly products. Listed below are our favorite green products from the 2018 PPAI Expo.

Bluetooth Flower Pot

This flower pot is also an amazing Bluetooth Speaker! Hook up your device and watch as the color ring changes. Touch the leaves of your plant and hear it play a tune!

Record Journals

Up-cycling has become a big trend. These journals are made with original vinyl records on the cover of each journal. Plain and simple, upcycling makes a positive impact on the environment. By taking old products and giving them a new life you are able to show your client you care about sustainability. Join the up-cycle movement!


Tech Products

It can be difficult to keep up with the fast-moving advancements in today’s technology. Your power bank from three years ago might not be able to charge today’s energy-sucking monsters! We got an up-close view of the newest tech and the latest specs that will keep you in charge.

Boltron Wireless Charging Pad

The Boltron charging pad allows you to simultaneously charge 5 devices. There are 2 sideways facing USB outputs for wired devices as well as 3 wireless charging pads on top, keeping everything you want at 100%. Say hello to the future of charging.

Flyington Selfie Drone

Flyington is the perfect pocket companion. This miniature drone will lift up your brand to unbelievable heights! (That is if you get it imprinted of course.) With a free easy to use app you’ll be taking soaring selfies in no time.

Tomax Round Power Bank

These classy metallic power banks are a sleek way to keep your devices charged. Available in Gunmetal, Rose Gold, Silver, and Gold these devices stick to the apple product color palette allowing for all your devices to match.  

Floating Bluetooth Speaker

This speaker flawlessly levitates over a magnetic base – spinning as it plays your favorite tunes. Available in black and white these “Death Star-esque” orbs are available to imprint on top of the base or around the outside band of the base. Check it out in action!

Desk Toys

Give your employees, partners, and customers a break with a little something to take the stress away. Even grown-ups enjoy a little playtime! Plus, directing your nervous or bored energy to a desktop toy can do wonders for productivity. We found some fun and engaging toys to help you get more done!

Playable Art Ball

Add this series of colored, connecting balls to your desk for a spark of happiness. Make a colorful sculpture, rainbow, or a freestanding tower. Relax your mind and experiment with the possibilities!

Playable Art Lollipopter

These eye-popping toys are inspired by nature and are based on the Fibonacci sequence and the Golden Angle. The “helicone” represents beautiful botanical structures and also provides a mesmerizing distraction.

You’ve got to see these things in motion to get the full effect!

Companies are increasingly embracing fashion as a part of their brand identity. Stay fashionable and functional with these stand-out products with innovative designs.

Fashionable Apparel

Oaklander Backpack

We love these guys. This 1-piece minimum cut & sew custom pack includes 4 full-color full imprint areas. Count ‘em FOUR! With only a 3-day production time this bag will work perfectly for a quick turnaround job.   

Unbelievabrella™ Reverse Umbrella

The reverse-closing umbrella will never drip water on you again! This “I should have thought of this” product will amaze onlookers with its patented reverse open and close system. Each model includes a grippy hands-free C handle that’ll allow you to get your modern-day Gene Kelly on and you’ll be Textin’ in the Rain in no time!

Beer Blizzard

This “As Seen on Shark Tank” hit is a puck-sized chiller that fits underneath your beer. Hold your Beer Blizzard in place by a regular drink koozie!

Numo Products

One of our favorite booths was put on by Numo. Headquartered in Kaufman Texas we were amazed at the simplicity of their products, the amazing color palettes, and the variety of textures they offered. Suede, denim, marble, vinyl, velvet metallic!

Shop their website by color, texture, or product. Click here to get some ideas.

Numo’s Suede-ish line is made using high-quality Neoprene, a wetsuit material that gives these products a suede-like touch. Ranging from can insulators to lunch bags these products will definitely stand out from your everyday promo product.

We experienced nearly a million square feet of exhibit space. The new connections we made, while our feet silently screamed, inspired creativity, exposed us to a new range of products, and allowed us to leave feeling confident about this year’s projects.

Feeling inspired by our 2018 PPAI Expo finds? Say “hi” and we’ll help you incorporate these fresh promo ideas with your brand.