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Our Promo and Print Predictions for 2024
January 19, 2024

Our Promo + Print Predictions for 2024

Stay one step ahead with our top five print and promo predictions for 2024! We’ve dug into our secret stash of insider info, mixed it with some serious research on what’s hot in the worlds of style, office culture, and design – and voila – here are our crystal ball predictions for you.

Mindful Consumerism

It’s not a phase, mom! The focus on ethical consumption will continue to reign as customers at every end of the supply chain want to support a cause they believe in like eco-friendly, minority-owned, or local products and materials. Want more attention? Companies that keep mindful consumerism top-of-mind in 2024 will see more engagement from prospects, customers, and employees that receive their print and promo – show your audience that you care about what they care about!  

Recyclable Packaging

Tactive's New Hire Kit packaged with recyclable materials.

Unboxing is still one of TikTok and Youtube’s favorite trends… but in 2024, customers will be unpacking what happens to the box after the video ends. 

Wise marketers will choose products and packaging with limited waste, instead opting for recycled or reusable materials, like 100% recycled paper or single-use plastic alternatives. According to Tivium Packaging 2023 Buying Green Report, 71% of consumers seek out products based on the sustainability of the product packaging – make sure your print and promo hold up to those standards!  

Sustainably Sourced Swag

Tentree Space Dye Zip Hoodie with screenprinted logo on the left chest.

Your customers are looking for certain seals of approval on their products! Look for third-party certifications to show that ensure a product has a positive impact – Green Seal,  Certified B Corporation, and Fair Trade are a few that certify environmental and humanitarian accountability. 

And remember, you don’t have to go far to find sustainably sourced options. With less impact on the local environment and shorter travel distances, local products also offer a double win – benefitting both the environment and the local economy.  

Products with a Purpose

SF Trailblazer Hoodie Kit

The power of partnerships will be huge in 2024! Customers love products and materials from companies that work with charitable foundations, nonprofit partnerships, volunteer efforts and more. Find a brand with its own program – tentree Nimble, and Klean Kanteen are some of our favorites – or partner with your favorite local charity. 


Plus, consider how long your piece will last when it lands in the hands of your customers. Consider investing in reusable printed goods and high-value unique promo products that people will actually use. 


With generations of media at our fingertips, the 2024 era will be a mash-up of many decades: from the soft pastels of the early 60’s seen in Pantone’s color of the year pick to 90’s fashion trends dominating the red carpet and runways, prepare to time travel in 2024! This year’s best print designs and promo choices will be guided by history as companies look to stay hip and relevant just by being so last year (and the year before that, and the year before that…) 

Classic Brands

Kodak camera and photo paper refills laid out on a white background.

These ARE your father’s brands – but they’re your brands, too. Your customers will find comfort in a product they recognize and trust. 

These classics were back in a big way in 2023:

Y2K Apparel Faves

Indy Hangtime/Colts T-Shirt screenprinted by Tactive on a hanger.

Return to the turn of the millennium as the up-and-coming trends point to the 90’s and early 2000’s. While your corporate apparel strategy probably won’t include low-rise jeans making a comeback, take inspo from these blasts from the past:


  • Fanny packs
  • Bucket hats
  • Trucker hats
  • Denim everything

Timeless Paper & Print

Tactive VIP Party Invites with speciality finishes.

Nostalgia is big in print, too! Play with graphic design that takes inspiration from times of old – or try new-to-you printing techniques that never go out of style. To get that nostalgic, timeless feel in your printed pieces in 2024, we’re loving linen paper, letterpress printing, and screen printed banners, to name a few.

Luxury & Retail

In 2024, the promo game will be all about luxury vibes. Customers crave high-quality, unique items that go beyond the usual giveaways. It’s not just about standing out; it’s about associating your brand with sophistication. We saw 2023’s biggest clients turn to high-end retail brands for their gifting, onboarding, and marketing promo strategies – and we expect more marketers to follow that path in 2024! Premium products will be the go-to move for making a lasting impression while navigating the twists and turns of a workplace and economy in flux.

Speciality Finishes

From paper to apparel, add a little extra sparkle (or shine, or glow, or soft-touch) to your next project for a more luxurious customer experience.


For print, we love foils in every color, spot UV varnishes, and velvety soft touch finishes. In apparel, try water-based, glow-in-the-dark, or puff inks. These small touches will elevate your piece beyond basics!

Your Brand on the Biggest Brands

Image of model wearing Eddie Bauer Quilted Vest.

Incorporating retail brands that you’d find at your local mall – like Lululemon, Apple, Patagonia, or even Oreo and M&M – into your swag strategy will add a touch of prestige to your campaign. Americans have a soft spot for their favorite retail brands. Salsify found last year that 46% of U.S. consumers are willing to pay a premium for brands they recognize and trust. Seize the opportunity to associate your brand with this confidence and value!

Quality Over Quantity

Woman holding a pack of 4 s'mores skewers and a card from Invesque.

Looking to make the most of a smaller marketing budget? Don’t scrap your high-end swag plan in favor of cheap pens and stress balls. Instead, focus on a smaller audience to receive a higher quality piece to really maximize your ROI.

We’re loving campaigns with focused recipient lists, like your team’s highest earners, your company’s biggest clients, or a focus group of prospects you met at a recent event.

Gen Z

It’s official: Gen Z is not just in the workplace; they’re filling decision-making roles and shaping what’s next in business. For businesses to stay relevant in 2024, they need to meet Gen Z where they’re at – especially in marketing, recruitment and retention, and retail sales. Ready to match Gen Z’s vibe with your print and promo? You’ll want to strike a balance between this generation’s tech-savviness while still offering the personal (and in-person!) experiences they crave. You’ll want a strategy that mixes tactile marketing in with your digital plans.

Culture Above All

Edge Mentoring kit showing a candle, Amazon gift card and a notebook.

Expect to see a surge in designs and messaging that celebrate diversity and resonate with the inclusive nature of Gen Z’s ideal workplace!


Go for promo materials that celebrate the inclusive work culture they crave. Think team-building kits and branded goodies that contribute to a positive office vibe. It’s not just about the brand; it’s about fostering a culture they love.


Tactive printed road map laid out on a white background.

Get ready for a major shift in how we do promo! It’s all about getting personal and real. Instead of the same old marketing tactics, dive into storytelling and building connections.


Brace yourself for a surge in customized, experiential goodies! Think personal connections, like names, pets, favorite colors, teams, and more. It’s all about being authentic and one-of-a-kind, just the way Gen Z likes it.


Salesforce Admin Day Kit unboxed on a black background.

Gen Z is leading a well-being revolution in 2024: making self-care a “nice-to-have” into an absolute must.


Companies should rethink perks and gifts to really connect with their crew on that personal level. How can your print and promo game inspire your audience to tap into the trend of mental and physical care?

Live & In-Person

After nearly four years of “unprecedented times,” in-person events and experiences came back in full force in 2023. From industry conferences to small networking opportunities, the business world has left behind social distancing in favor of shaking hands and exchanging business cards.


If your 2024 calendar includes some of your first in-person events since 2019, it’s (past) time for a refresh on your event marketing materials. At a loss for where to begin? We can help design your event presence: from interactive elements to branded prizes and printed materials; plus, the event display standards like a table cover, pull-up banner, and custom apparel… Tactive can do it all in 2024!

Better Booths

Edge Mentoring kit showing a candle, Amazon gift card and a notebook.

Gone are the days of disorganized DIY booth set-ups – no more wrinkled tablecloths or handmade posters in 2024! Signage and booth design speak volumes about your brand. An innovative design can solidify your brand in a prospect’s mind… and a lackluster design can cause your brand to fade into the background.


Think how you can incorporate large format signage and cohesive team apparel to make a more interactive event booth.

Innovative Technology

Tap Tee

The promo industry in 2024 will be full of fresh takes on event basics, especially ones that incorporate technology.


We loved the Tap Tee last year: tucked into the left arm is a tiny, programable, waterproof NFC chip, so you can send anyone to the website, app, social post or any other landing page of your choice with just a tap.

Giveaways You Want to Get

Tactive printed road map laid out on a white background.

Think beyond the “junk” drawer when selecting your swag. Event giveaways are a promo staple, but we know they generate more interest when you offer a single or a limited number of higher-value items instead of endless low-value ones.


Think about what would resonate with your audience and select promotional products that would be useful for your prospects but are a touch above what they would spend on themselves.

Gear up for a game-changing year in print and promo with these top trends for 2024! From embracing mindful consumerism and sustainable swag to the resurgence of nostalgic classics, the upcoming year promises a fusion of history and innovation. In 2024, your print and promo game isn’t just about staying on trend; it’s about setting the trends others will follow.

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