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Print Resources Expands to Second Location, Rebrands as Tactive
August 27, 2020

Print Resources Expands to Second Location, Rebrands as Tactive

Print Resources of Indianapolis, a leader in the printing and promotional product industries, is expanding to a second location in the Indianapolis area, providing job opportunities for the local community.

“Sales are up 16% from last year,” says Kurt Ellinger, co-founder of Print Resources. “And we continue to grow. With a new building, we’re going to require more hands on deck.” The leadership team plans to add personnel to staff the new building. While they haven’t currently specified a hiring goal, the company has already added 33,000 square feet of workspace in anticipation of high growth over the coming year.

Print Resources opened its doors 20 years ago with the primary business goal of helping marketing directors navigate the sometimes complex landscape of printing. Over the years, they have evolved to become so much more. “The digital age grew up as the company grew up,” says co-founder Tim Browning. “We realized that experienced companies were moving away from items such as print catalogs and non-specific sales flyers. Instead, they were moving toward more specialized, personalized marketing materials. To meet those demands, we pivoted to aid customers in providing a 1:1 type of marketing experience.”

Print Resources dedicated its team and resources to provide any services or products that were needed to meet a focused marketing approach, leading to a 4000 percent growth since its opening in 2000.

Print Resources rebrands as Tactive, cited as one of IBJ’s Fastest Growing Companies in 2005, 2017, and 2018, is taking on a new identity that better reflects the services they provide. In response to customer demands, Tactive now functions as marketing engagement experts, specializing in promotional products, ecommerce, dimensional mail, fulfillment, and, of course, printing. “Most companies produce a product or service,” says Nikki Hershik, VP Busines Operations. “We produce their marketing campaigns.”

Co-founder Kurt Ellinger credits their growth with an ambitious mindset and a never-say-no approach. “If a customer can dream it, we will do everything in our power to make it come to life.”

The approach has led to an expanded team of talent who are able to provide a truly diversified and unique marketing experience, as well as the acquisition of new and improved equipment. “We’re so much more than a printing company,” says Robin Lanning, Director of Marketing. “We partner with companies to bring their marketing campaigns to life, from ideation to finished product, all in one transaction.”

As Tactive prepares its new space, co-founders Tim Browning and Kurt Ellinger are planning to hand the day-to-day business operations over to their new executive team, Nikki Hershik, VP Business Operations, Courtney Bills, VP Sales & Marketing, and Tyler Koontz, VP Technical Operations.

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