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BUTTER by GangGang tshirts on display.
Project Spotlight: BUTTER by GANGGANG
September 28, 2023

The Challenge:

BUTTER is a multi-day fine art fair organized by GANGGANG, a cultural development and creative advocacy firm that works to center beauty, culture, and equity in systems and cities. Established in 2021, BUTTER showcases the work of Black visual artists from Indiana and across the country.

Tactive first worked with GANGGANG in 2022 to locally print and produce the boxes that the curating team sent to welcome their featured artists. This year, GANGGANG wanted their apparel to be even butter than ever and reached out to Tactive to also produce nearly 2000 t-shirts and hoodies for this year’s art fair in addition to another round of the custom boxes.

The team was on a tight timeline – the highly anticipated third BUTTER fair was just around the corner and with a recent feature in The New York Times, GANGGANG was spread thin preparing for its biggest crowd yet. Thankfully, print and promo products are our bread and, well, butter and Tactive got to work churning out exceptional solutions in record time.



The Solution:

GANGGANG’s team of talented artists came to Tactive with eight apparel designs, but needed help finding the perfect garments in the perfect colors.  No meltdown necessary – Tactive secured blank samples in several different color ways in under 24 hours and met with the team in person to select and approve the final product.


And when a few of the full-color, unique designs proved difficult for a standard screen print, our team recommended a high-quality heat transfer as an alternative decoration method to truly show off the artwork.


With a firm in-hands date to fill their BUTTER store, our print team came in over the weekend to make sure GANGGANG’s deadline was met. Once the items were completed, Tactive arranged an afterhours weekday delivery and helped the client load and truck boxes to their event shop – making every part of the client experience as smooth as… you get it.

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