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Woman with her legs crossed holding a s'mores recipes book.
Project Spotlight: Invesque S’mores Kits
January 5, 2023

The Challenge:

Invesque is a North American healthcare real estate company based out of Fishers, Indiana. With a portfolio of independent living, assisted living, memory care, skilled nursing, transitional care, and medical office properties, Invesque’s relationship with long-term partners has been the key to their ongoing success. 

Invesque came to Tactive with an idea for an impressive holiday gift to celebrate their employees and partners, including s’mores accessories, a cozy blanket, and a name-brand tabletop fire pit. Because Invesque works with some of the world’s best healthcare operators, the kit needed to incorporate high-end, recognizable products that reflected Invesque’s top-tier brand personality. 

Invesque needed a tactile marketing partner to help them narrow down product options within their budget, source name-brand retail items in bulk, and find a way to minimize the cost of shipping heavy stone fire pits.  

The Solution:

Although supply chain and stock challenges have significantly improved in the past year, purchasing retail products in bulk is tricky. When Team Tactive was ready to order the tabletop fireplaces that worked within Invesque’s budget, the model was either sold out or the price spiked to more than what Invesque had budgeted for the project. 

Never daunted, Tactive was able to find an alternative option, source it from several different suppliers, and assemble a remarkable brand experience for Invesque employees and partners.  

To save on costs, individual kits were only shipped to recipients outside central Indiana. The rest were delivered in bulk to the Invesque offices to be hand-delivered by their team.  

The finished product is an impressive corporate gift that beautifully reflects the Invesque brand. The unboxing experience invites the recipient to get cozy around the fire – a perfect gift to receive during an unseasonably frigid midwest holiday. Bye-bye, Jack Frost. Hello, sweet, chocolatey marshmallow goodness!