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Project Spotlight: Reliable Source Talent Conference Booth
November 16, 2023

The Challenge:

Reliable Source Talent Healthcare is an Indianapolis-based recruitment agency, specializing in providing personalized healthcare opportunities to professionals throughout the United States. With over 20 years of experience in staffing, their team prioritizes clinicians’ success, whether it’s their first or hundredth contract. 


The team at Reliable Source Talent was getting ready for a trip to Vegas for TravCon, the largest traveling healthcare conference in the United States, to connect with traveling healthcare professionals. With nearly 150 exhibitors and over 1,700 professionals from across the country participating in the conference, Reliable Source Talent wanted their booth to be extra memorable. 


With this challenge in mind, Reliable Source Talent came to Tactive for our help transforming their blank (booth) space into a recruiting wonderland – and they found the right tactile marketing plan for the job, because maximizing your event impact is something we know all too well. 


The Solution:

Inspired by one of the biggest superstars in music (and a fave from our office playlist), resident Tactive Swifties Meg Parcell and Erica Patterson pitched the idea of a Taylor Swift-themed booth for the TravCon attendees “In Their Travel Nurse Era.” Once Reliable Source saw everything Team Tactive had in mind – interactive elements like a spin-to-win wheel and Insta-worthy photo op; branded prizes and printed materials; plus the event display standards like a table cover, pull-up banner, and custom apparel – they were more than …ready for it. 


Tactive’s art team created a complete suite of print and promo designs based on the “Lover” album cover and easily incorporated Reliable Source’s logo into the mix – branding the professional event set up of our wildest dreams. All the elements were shipped to Vegas, where the Reliable Source crew rolled up in style in their custom branded polo shirts. 


TravCon (Reliable Source’s Version) was a huge success! And what happened in Vegas certainly didn’t stay there – the Reliable Source Talent Team collected over 500 leads from their popular booth. And while this was Reliable Source’s first time working with Tactive, we already think it’s a love story for the ages – and Reliable Source and boring DIY booth set ups are never ever getting back together. Like, ever.  



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