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Tactive's Thanksgiving Appreciation Bubble Mailer unpacked on a white background.
Project Spotlight: Tactive Customer Appreciation Mailer
March 23, 2023

The Challenge:

Every day, the Tactive team helps our customers wow their most important audiences with engaging physical marketing campaigns. When it comes time to thank them for trusting us, we like to go all out. So, what does a tactile marketing company send as a thank-you gift? 


Just like our customers, our projects need to be a memorable reflection of our brand. Since corporate gifting is a massive portion of our business, showcasing our printing, promotional product, kitting, and fulfillment capabilities in our gifts to our customers is essential. 


The Tactive customer appreciation mailer needed to include a few key elements. First, the gift had to be helpful to the recipient – in other words, we didn’t want to send junk that would end up in a landfill. Second, we wanted to feature a new dry-erase laminate that recently came on the market to showcase this print-finishing option’s (real)-life possibilities. Next, it needed to be cost-effective to ship. Finally, we wanted to incorporate our talented, creative employees into the action.  

The Solution:

The first step in our process was to figure out how to incorporate the dry-erase laminate. Our marketing and production teams collaborated on a solution: a desktop calendar that folded flat and could be printed and assembled entirely in-house. After creating a template to ensure the design would work with our presses and bindery capabilities, our creative designers added fun, Tactive branding elements to the final piece. 

A dry-erase marker was an obvious choice, but what else to include? Since our clients love to share their gifts with coworkers, families, and friends, we incorporated simple, holiday-themed origami instructions with plenty of pre-cut paper in unique patterns. Gift tag stickers, a notepad, and staff-designed holiday cards rounded out the gift. 

A sleek bubble mailer held everything together, as it was significantly less expensive to ship than a boxed kit. Of course, the final touch was a personalized card – signed by our entire team – to let the recipient know just how much they mean to us. 

The result is a holiday gift that is useful in many ways. Recipients get a genuinely tactile experience with materials they’ll use for spreading holiday cheer. Our team has a go-to reference for helping our clients solve their print & promo challenges. And once again, we created an engaging brand experience with our Tactive customer appreciation mailer. Around here, we call that a win-win-win!  

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