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Project Spotlight: Tactive Eclipse 3DDM
April 25, 2024

At Tactive, we’re all about turning gratitude into an experience and this year, we took direct mail gifting to the next level. Get ready to unbox our 2024 customer appreciation 3DDM – a kit that wasn’t just a thank-you gift, but a full-blown eclipse extravaganza in a box that left our recipients totally starry-eyed.  


We strive to achieve three goals with our annual customer appreciation campaign: thank our wonderful clients, show off the latest capabilities in promo and print, and generate brand buzz. To accomplish this, our team of creative print and promotional professionals gathers to brainstorm ideas. During the session, we ask ourselves questions such as: Who are our customers? How do we want recipients to feel when opening our piece? What trending products can we incorporate?

With our targeted send at the beginning of Q2, our campaign aligned (pun intended) perfectly with the 2024 solar eclipse. Plus, with our hometown of Indianapolis located in the path of totality, this celestial event has been the talk of the town – but no matter where our North American customers were located, they would have the chance to see a part of the eclipse phenomenon.

Once we landed on the eclipse concept, it was time to brainstorm the design of the kit. While we’ve leaned into our playful side in the past few years, we decided to try a more elevated look with this kit – working with the contrasting elements of dark and light throughout the campaign. In fact, we made two versions of each element to create two different kits: one white and one black, to symbolize the phases of the eclipse. And to make things extra fun, we shuffled our list so recipients would randomly receive a “light” or “dark” version of the kit.

Pre-Send: Address Captures

Before mailing out packages to our customers, we first confirmed that we had their current addresses to ensure timely delivery. Given our strict deadline, the kits needed to arrive on time—especially since receiving eclipse glasses after the event is less than ideal!

We utilized our Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account Engagement features to create a custom landing page, form, and back-end automation. Then, we emailed the appropriate links to our customers, asking them to let us know where they’d like to receive their gifts.

The integrations available to us within our Salesforce CRM platform were a seamless way for our team to update addresses and track this campaign. However, for those who may not have access to this type of software, Tactive offers a service called Persktr. We recommend checking it out if list management has been a challenge for your team!

Print Pieces

Rep Letter and Envelope

One of the ways we personalize the unboxing experience for each recipient of a campaign is to include a note addressed directly to our customer. This year’s letter was tucked into an envelope and secured with a belly band that featured the recipient’s name for an extra personalized touch. We finished both versions of the letters with clear ink for a special effect swirl that echoed our distinctive Tactive swoosh.

We reimagined the traditional envelope-opening experience with a die-cut piece that folded in on itself with a sleek, almost space-age twist. This design not only looked cool but also gave us extra space to include educational facts about the eclipse and a unique QR code linking to a Spotify playlist that matched the “dark” or “light” theme of the box.

Pop-Up Card

The show-stopping moment of this year’s kit was a custom pop-up card, which was the first thing recipients saw upon opening their gift. Positioned at the top and inner flap of the box, the card featured a die-cut homage to the Indianapolis skyline and a mini solar eclipse that moved across the card as it was opened.

Our team took the idea of “shooting for the moon” to heart with our pop-up card concept, so we teamed up with paper engineers (a real job!) to help bring our ideas to (real) life.  At Tactive, we can handle some dimensional printing in-house or collaborate with experts to craft similar eye-catching pop-up pieces for your brand, too.


The size, shape, and design of the box for any 3D Dimensional Mail project is most often determined by the contents of the kit. As such, the final design of the box often comes after the print and promo pieces have been determined.

This box featured an interior panel so we could affix the pop-up card and add drama to the inside reveal. Visually, the design echoed the look seen throughout the kit – contrasting black and white depending on the theme and golden graphics that featured the stages of the eclipse.

Promo Products

Water Bottle

We were lucky to get in an order for custom Owalas before they went out of stock! We added our special eclipse logo to Owala FreeSip® bottles, known for their excellent insulation and the unique straw built for sipping or swigging. This is the water bottle of the moment so finding quantities can be tough.

If you’re looking for an Owala-type bottle while quantity is low, we’ve compiled some of our favorite similar options:

Belt Bag

Whatever you call it: fanny pack, waist wallet, bum bag… this hands-free carrying essential has made quite the comeback in recent years. Whether worn around the waist or as a cross-body sling, this type of bag can be easily embroidered by our in-house apparel decoration team.

We opted for decoration that was subtle but still popped, a small embroidery of our special logo on the front of the bag. While it was the perfect accessory for anyone spending time outside to catch the eclipse, it’s also a useful product for coffee runs, grocery shopping, theme parks, and more.


As Tactive has grown over the past few years, so has our client list. As the parts of this kit came together, we wanted to include a high-end item and settled on a Bluetooth speaker to pair with the personalized Spotify playlist we built for the kit. But the cost was prohibitive to include the speaker in every box.

We decided that it was more important to say “thanks” to as many of our customers as we could, so we split our recipient list: clients who spent a certain amount with us during the previous year would get the more premium gift included with their kit as an extra bonus.

Glasses + Box

Is an eclipse kit complete without eclipse glasses? Definitely not, so we prioritized sourcing custom eclipse glasses as step one of the project. These glasses were ordered from a vendor in January: three months before they were packed and sent out to our partners! While we built in more lead time than necessary, it’s always a good idea to get ahead of the rush for trending items – and nothing was trendier in the path of totality than getting your hands on eclipse glasses to safely see the event!

We packed the glasses into pillow boxes customized with the recipient’s name. While the time for eclipse glasses has come and gone, imagine what else could be packed into these variable-printed pillow boxes: normal sunglasses, gift cards, candles… the possibilities are endless. We printed these in-house!


Just like the eclipse itself, our mailer left a lasting impression on our clients. If you’re seeking a tactile and memorable direct mail experience, look no further.

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