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Shot facing the back of a female pointing her thumbs at the back of the embroidered Terminus jacket.
Project Spotlight: E-Shop for Terminus
November 2, 2022

The Challenge:

Terminus is an account-based marketing (ABM) platform. They help B2B marketers generate brand awareness, grow & accelerate sales pipelines, and attract & retain customers.

With main offices in Atlanta and Indianapolis, as well as a growing remote workforce, the team at Terminus was finding it increasingly difficult to get their fun, quirky, and popular branded swag into the hands of customers & employees.

Terminus came to Tactive looking for a tactile marketing partner that could keep their brand on-trend and eliminate the hassle of order processing & fulfillment.

The Solution:

Tactive’s E-Shops service was the perfect solution to Terminus’ tactile marketing challenges.

Our e-shops experts helped the Terminus team create a fully branded, custom shop built on the Shopify platform. As the site was in development, our dedicated client success team sourced their promo items. This included t-shirts, sweatshirts, stickers, and even a striking satin jacket to offer as part of their online inventory!

In addition to employee engagement, the marketing & sales teams utilize discount codes and credits to their e-shop. This created an opportunity to market their brand to customers.

The best part? Just like fashion trends, the Terminus e-shop continues to evolve. We’re sure they’re already working on the coolest new item to add to their store. We’re not going to lie: we will probably order one of everything for ourselves.