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Art of Politics poster
Project Spotlight: The Art of Politics
December 12, 2023

The Challenge:

Just a few weeks before election day in 2023, local artists spoke out at the Art of Politics show in Indianapolis. The one-night exhibition of contemporary posters, hosted by Timber Design Company, addressed hot button issues – like the climate crisis, religious freedom, women’s rights, gay rights, gun control, and Black Lives Matter.  


Every poster served a different cause, including groups such as ACLU, Planned Parenthood, The National Wildlife Federation, Unite Against Book Bans, and others. The posters were purchasable through an online auction with 100% of proceeds supporting a non-profit organization of the artist’s choice.  


In order to support the artists’ causes of choice, Lars Lawson of Timber Design needed a printing partner to keep costs low – without compromising quality. That’s where Tactive came in, putting our large format printers to use for the third annual poster show. 


The Solution:

Tactive brought the poster artists’ designs to (real) life by printing each of the posters on high-quality stock with a low-glare satin finish. And because we’re not just in it for the paper, the posters were free to the event organizers as an in-kind donation, so all auction income could be donated to the artists’ chosen organizations. 

“As an artist and designer, it’s a significant way for me personally to contribute to a greater cause. It feels like a more important one than what I get to experience through my daily work,” said Lars Lawson of Timber Design Co. “There’s great power in creative design and expression.”

Talk about powerful: the 33 artists featured in this year’s Art of Politics show together raised nearly three thousand dollars for their organizations – an event record of $2,903 – proving that every project is more than a simple print job when you work with a partner that’s more than a print company.  

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