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Project Spotlight: WestPoint Financial Group Turks and Caicos Kit
February 29, 2024

Client Project: WestPoint Financial Group Turks and Caicos Kit

The Challenge:

A successful financial services firm with a homegrown feel, WestPoint Financial provides services to over 240,000 clients: think personalized investment plans, insurance that’s got their back, and financial education to reach their wildest financial goals. 

Tactive has been bringing WestPoint to (real) life for years, including their 2020 total brand refresh. So when WestPoint’s chief marketing officer, Nikki Pulfer, came to us with an outside-the-box idea for a kit to celebrate the 2024 Firm Trip to Turks and Caicos, she knew Team Tactive would deliver.  

“A tradition at WestPoint is for leadership to gather off site each January to cultivate innovative ways to better serve their clients and foster culture within the firm. We call this group of exceptional leaders and contributors The Guild,” Nikki explained. “It is important to us that The Guild enjoy special moments and unique treasures throughout their trip.”  

The concept: a bright, inviting box inspired by Turks and Caicos’ whimsical Coat of Arms, packed with travel must-haves – that all stays within the WestPoint brand. Challenge accepted.  

The Solution:

 The WestPoint marketing team brought Tactive a few bullet points of direction, and customer service manager Monica Herring created a proposal of gift ideas: a beach-ready straw hat, a custom silk scarf, and a vacation-inspired Turks and Caicos candle, to name a few. Together, WestPoint and Tactive also selected two Mark & Graham travel pouches that begged to be personalized. Our production team recreated the effect of a classic gold monogram stamp with our in-house pad printer so each product would shine with a golden WestPoint logo. 

Once gifts were selected, it was time to consider the packaging – the unboxing experience and element of surprise was just as important as what was inside. “Packaging is paramount with high-end gifts, and the fact that Tactive can print custom boxes in-house is a game-changer,” said Nikki. “The possibilities become endless, and they walk you through every step of the way.”  

The full-color box featured a die-cut design that revealed the colorful Coat of Arms design on the interior panel. The design continued to the inside of the box, including the iconic turquoise water seen at the Turks and Caicos beaches, resulting in a gifting experience that was extra-special, inside and out.  

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