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Reopening? Ideas for helping employees feel appreciated – and safe!
May 21, 2020

As states begin to loosen restrictions related to the coronavirus pandemic, business leaders may be wondering: How can I help my employees feel comfortable, appreciated, and safe as they head back into the office?

Ample communication and clear guidelines are a must, but no one gets a warm feeling from reading a list of rules. Providing a more engaging “welcome back” can help employees feel more appreciated. It can also help employees feel included in the effort to protect their fellow coworkers, even if it means putting up with some inconveniences.

Here are two suggestions that worked for us:


These safety icons are posted all around our office to remind employees to wear a mask, wash their hands, sanitize public spaces, and more. The decal sheet includes a 10×10″ guide poster that we’ve posted on major entryways so everyone is clear on the guidelines.

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Get your own set of decals branded to match your office or logo! It’s as easy as:

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Need additional reopening signage?

Contact us or reach out to your Customer Success Manager. We’ll be happy to get your office reopening ready.


Welcome employees back to their workspace with a safety and appreciation-filled desk drop! You can include a few masks, hand sanitizer, single-use water bottles, a personalized note of appreciation, or other company swag. Everyone loves a surprise gift!

Want to welcome your employees back with a reopening desk drop?

Shoot us an email or reach out to your Customer Success Manager. We’ll be happy to find the perfect setting for your office.