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Tactive Tools

Your Virtual Marketing Closet

Looking for a virtual version of a Tactive sales deck or marketing doc? Want to send a thank you gift to a customer? Need a quick way to access project photos?

You’ve come to the right spot.

Tactive Capabilities Deck

Case Study: ACE Alumni & Virtual Graduation

E-Shops Deck

Case Study: TechPoint Virtual MIRA Kits

Vendor Case Study: Color-Logic

Case Study: Parks Alliance Brand Launch

Case Study: Westpoint Rebrand

Send a Client Gift!

Did your customer get a promotion? Want to say “thanks” for a big order? Send them a treat! Our on-demand kits include a tube of delicious and a personalized letter & box belly band. Simply click the link below, fill out the form, and the marketing team will take care of the rest!

Catalogs & Product Guides

2021 Holiday Gift Guide

Sock Club Catalog

2021 Sock Club Catalog

2020 Corporate Gift Guide