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Scary Myths and Corporate Gifts
October 30, 2023

Scary Myths and Corporate Gifts

Your clients give you their business and personalized corporate gifts are your opportunity to demonstrate appreciation for that loyalty. But just like a Halloween costume gone terribly wrong, there are some things you should think about when putting together your corporate gift. Let’s bust a few corporate gifting myths.

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The Money Sucking Vampire

Myth: You Have to Spend a Ton to Get a Return

There’s a misconception that you need to spend a ton of money to see a return on your investment. PRWeb reports that most corporate gifts cost between $25-$125, but there are many affordable products that are just as effective at generating buzz. When it comes to choosing a corporate gift, there are endless options, and you don’t have to deplete the bank to see success.

Even if you just go with a pen, don’t scare off your audience with an inferior selection. Choose one that uses quality, sustainable materials, is professionally designed, and tastefully displays your logo. We promise you don’t have to get sucked dry to grab your audience’s attention.  

The Holiday HobGoblin

Myth: You Should Only Send Corporate Gifts on Holidays 

The purpose of giving corporate gifts is to build a positive relationship with prospects, customers, or employees. Only sending gifts during the holiday season could cause a fright. One great way to shine a positive light on your brand is to send corporate gifts as a show of appreciation. Customer appreciation is a year-round event so don’t get drawn into the holiday gift-giving melee. Plus, avoiding the busy seasons will help you stand out from the crowd rather than getting buried under the deluge of holiday gifts. 

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The Paper Zombie

Myth: Print is Dead

Of course not! Print is alive and well and stalking the streets just like your favorite slasher on Halloween. Unlike zombies, print never died (not even in today’s digital age) and is still a powerful method of content distribution, especially when mixed in with your digital campaigns. Add in an artfully designed holiday card or level up your corporate gifts with variable data printing to personalize each gift with the recipient’s name to bring print back into your gifting strategy. 

The Bad-Wrap Mummy

Myth: Your Packaging Doesn’t Matter

Your traditional mummy trails around old, dirty bandages to hide the hideousness underneath. Don’t make the mummy’s mistake – and make sure you pay attention to your packaging. Instead of hiding your gift in rags (or a boring brown paper box), make an impactful first impression with a strong design and cohesive theme. You may also want to consider sustainability: make it dazzle, but also think about any long-term impacts on the environment. 

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The Patchwork Frankenstein

Myth: Slapping Your Logo on Any Product is Good Enough

While you don’t need to break the bank, you should be thoughtful about what you are selecting. You certainly can just pop your logo on a koozie, but just giving something for the sake of giving something will scare your audience away. Instead, make sure that your corporate gift is thoughtful, appropriate for your audience and uses quality materials—however small it may be. Send the message that you truly care about your customers by investing time and thought into your corporate gift.  

The Corporate Troll

Myth: Corporate Gifts are Only for Giant Companies

You don’t have to pay the toll to the Fortune 500 bridge troll to invest in gifts for your clients. In fact, Gitnux reports that 65% of the gifting industry takes place in the SMB space. You can show your appreciation for customer loyalty regardless of your size. Sending corporate gifts can actually be a good way to grow once others are seeing the efforts you put into relationship building, so choose a gift that fits your budget and helps tell your brand story. 

The Obnoxious Ogre

Myth: Corporate Gifts are a Wasted Investment

Corporate gifts are not wasted money. The obnoxious ogre on your team might question why you should invest money into people who you’ve already converted. A recent report shows that 94% of businesses believe that building a relationship with clients is critical to success and 89% feel that business gifts are responsible for bringing people closer together. Since we know that loyal customers are far cheaper to maintain than onboarding new ones (check out our blog on relationship marketing), it seems like a (zombie’s) no-brainer to invest in keeping the customers you already have.  

Don’t scare your most important audiences away! Avoid these chilling corporate gift myths and contact Tactive for your corporate gifting needs.