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3D Direct Mail, No Silly Glasses Required

No matter what you call it—dimensional mail, tactile mail, or (our preference) 3D direct mail—packages that feature height, breadth, and depth consistently outperform old-fashioned “flat” mailers.

At Tactive, we can customize a winning 3D direct mail campaign for your needs. We’ll even assemble and ship it so you can focus on the fun stuff—namely, following up on leads.

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Featured Projects

Confession: We’re huge 3D direct mail nerds. We geek out over every detail, from box types to typefaces to color choices. This makes us pretty lame party guests. But it makes us great direct mail partners. See for yourself.

Tactive Client Appreciation Mailer

Customer challenge:

Tactive has always sent out an annual customer appreciation gift, but this year (2021) seemed extra important. This ‘90’s-themed client appreciation direct mail campaign captured the feeling of nostalgia permeating popular culture at the time. Incorporating a variety of products including a high-school style yearbook, “beanie baby” custom-made in the likeness of our office dog, and plenty of neon and holographic finishes, this was one of our most popular kits ever. 

This kit includes:

  • Black Shipping Box with Full-Color label featuring Holographic Foil & Soft Touch finishes
  • Perfect-bound, interactive “yearbook” with holographic foil and soft touch
  • Hand-folded, personalized letter to the customer
  • Full-Color printed Bluetooth speaker with a fold-out print piece with links to a curated Spotify playlist
  • Custom-made “beanie baby” plush dog with custom-printed retail tag
  • Full-color, custom-made pencil case with retro candy, hyper-color pencils, full-color scrunchie, and neon-reflective slap bracelet

Salesforce Amazon Day Mailer

Customer challenge:

Tactive was tasked with creating a direct mail kit for a virtual event between Salesforce and Amazon. Salesforce wanted this kit to contain everything a viewer would need to comfortably participate.

This kit includes:

  • 2 Color Imprint on Hammock
  • Embroidered Throw Blanket
  • Penn and Beech Candle With Custom Label
  • Glass Jar Of Matches
  • Two boxes Of Frango Mints
  • Hallmark #Carenough Greeting Card Bundle
  • Crayola Pencils +Crayons
  • Kraft Box With Exterior Sticker Label
  • Rep letter Mounted To The Interior Of Box

Purecars Adventure Calls Kit

Customer challenge:

As the industry leader in automotive marketing, Purecars is trusted by the best dealers in North America. From innovative solutions to support from trusted experts, making marketing easier is their job and so is ours. Tactive helped Purecars create a kit that was complete with a few of your travel essentials. 

This kit includes:

  • Custom Purecars Box
  • White Crinkle Paper
  • Branded Coffee Mug
  • Screenprinted Dry Bag
  • Clip-on Compass
  • Rep letter Laid Atop the Kit Pieces

Dreamforce Mailer

Customer challenge:

Dreamforce is Salesforce’s biggest event of the year. The challenge is how do they keep that magic going even after the event is over? A follow-up kit is a great way to keep clients engaged throughout the year even when you’re not together in person. This kit highlights Salesforce’s sustainability efforts by using give-back brands like Cotopaxi and W&P and highlighting Salesforce clients like Stonewall Kitchen.

This kit includes:

  • Cotopaxi Sling Bag
  • W&P popcorn popper
  • Stonewall kitchen popcorn kernals
  • Dreamforce branded camp mug

Spectrum Reach Segmentation Gifting Campaign

Customer Challenge:

Spectrum came to Tactive wanting to test out direct mail effectiveness as they are targeting new market segments. Their goal was to be able to offer options for their sales team to connect with prospects and onboard new clients based on their geographical segment. We worked together on a gift selection that was intentional and appealing to their perspective markets with three different kit options.

The three different kits and their goals:

  • ONBOARDING – National: Stress-Free Bundle: Sit back and relax. Your advertising strategy is covered!
  • ONBOARDING – Social: Clout Chaser: Cheers to our new partnership!
  • PROSPECT JOURNEY – Social: Fuel up your business with your new advertising partner!

Why 3D Direct Mail Marketing?

There’s a time and place for email marketing and traditional mailers. But when the stakes are highest, those options often fall short. Consider this: 66% of customers say it takes more for a company to impress them than ever before. While direct mail marketing earns a 37% higher response rate than email, a well designed 3D mail campaign is even more powerful. When you really need to “wow” a prospect, 3D direct mail is a no-brainer.

3D Direct Mail for Every Occasion

While 3D direct mail is most often used for sales campaigns, it can also be a powerful way to create connections in a disconnected world. Want to engage employees working from home? A thoughtful 3D mailer can boost morale. Need to generate real-life excitement for a virtual event? Put something unforgettable in prospective attendees’ hands. Whenever you need to surprise and delight your audience, 3D direct mail delivers.

Personalize Everything (Every. Single. Thing.)

What do prospects love even more than receiving an amazing 3D mailer? Receiving one designed just for them. At Tactive, we personalize every aspect of our mailers: the box, the recipient letter, and even certain apparel and promotional items. Why make all the effort? Because when making a lasting impression is the name of the game, using the client’s name as frequently as possible is a winning strategy.

Our 3 D’s: Dedicated. Dynamic. Driven.

Tactive isn’t the only vendor who can help you with direct mail. But we’re likely the only one who will be as dedicated to your campaign’s success as you are. This is why several national and global companies trust us with their 3D direct mail marketing needs: because we have the experience, expertise, and can-do attitude it takes to meet—and exceed—their critical marketing goals.

We’re Making 3DDM Happen

Over the years, we have listened to the challenges of our customers and improved our tools and processes so that we can help our customers be better at what they do. When digital printing quality and affordability began to keep up with the printing presses of old, we adapted.

When personalized marketing became all the rage, we ran with it. Ask us if we can do something, we’ll say yes! And that’s exactly how we became experts at 3D Direct Mail.

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