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Tactile Marketing Partnerships: Signs You’ve Found ‘The One’
February 8, 2024

Tactile Marketing Partnerships: Signs You’ve Found ‘The One’

If you’ve decided to make physical marketing a priority in your 2024 strategy, you’re now faced with the impossible task of finding where to begin. After endless swiping (down the Google results page), you think you’ve found a potential match to help you reach your tactile marketing goals. But smart marketers know that you’ll meet lots of duds before matching with your tactile marketing soulmate.  And what kind of friends would we be if we let you work with one of those toxic vendors? 

Here are some red flags to look out for before that first-date project:

They don’t take the time to understand your goals for your campaign. 

A less ideal tactile marketing vendor doesn’t bother to see the big picture. They only care about your one-off order and don’t offer any insights on other ways you could reach your campaign goals – like increasing awareness, welcoming new employees, supporting your sales team, or anything else you could dream of. 

They can only help you in one service area.

You deserve a partner who can do it all: print, promo, apparel, kitting, fulfillment… nobody wants to search around and find a different vendor for each service area.  

You have to do to all the work. 

No one wants to be the only one putting in effort in a relationship, but so many vendors expect you to do all the work to bring your campaign to life: from brainstorming to art design to sourcing your products, this toxic “partner” barely upholds their end of the bargain. Yikes. 

You never talk to the same person twice.

It’s not a good sign if you feel like your partner is a new person every time you talk to them – especially if they actually are. You’ll never build a true relationship with a vendor if you’re passed to a new sales rep every call  

They overpromise, but underdeliver. 

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Take caution if a vendor offers you low-cost estimates with unrealistic timelines, because they’re probably sacrificing quality and putting your brand image at risk. 

They ghost you after they invoice you.

Once your project goes into production, a bad vendor drops out of the process – not updating you on the process of your order or offering any quality control to make sure your products meet your expectations. It’s almost like they’re only in it for the sale… 

Still think you’re ready to DTR (define the relationship)? 

When you work with Tactive, expect a true tactile marketing partner, not just a vendor. Here’s what to look forward to when you commit to a relationship with a good tactile marketing partner: 

You’ll fall in love with marketing again. 

Group of 4 Terminus marketing team members smiling at camera with Terminus gear on the table in front of them.
Group of 4 Terminus marketing team members smiling at camera with Terminus gear on the table in front of them.

Missing the spark that ignites a truly brilliant tactile marketing campaign? Tactive can help rekindle your ideas into a full plan: whether you have a half-baked thought or are ready to go into production, we’ll meet you where you are to bring your brand to (real) life. 


Tactive speaks your customers’ love languages, and our client success and graphic design teams are ready to translate your goals into creative elements that will make your customers swoon. Creative burnout is real, but you don’t have to overcome it alone. One way to combat marketing burnout is by outsourcing to a specialist like Tactiveyou have enough on your plate with big-picture goals and budgets, so we’ll take good care of you and your brand with creative new ways to reach your goals. 

We’ve got friends with benefits. 

Behind every great love story is a strong support system. Tactive brings a network of top-notch vendors to the relationship, ensuring that your marketing materials are the highest quality and are always signed, sealed, delivered.


Incorporating retail brands that you’d find at your local mall – like Moleskin, Sony, Northface, or even Oreo and M&M – into your swag strategy will add a touch of prestige to your campaign. Americans have a soft spot for their favorite retail brands. Salsify found in 2022 that 46% of U.S. consumers are willing to pay a premium for brands they recognize and trust. Tactive knows the best suppliers to get your brand alongside the biggest brands.  


Plus, Tactive has partnerships with every major shipping and distribution company in the world. This means we can pass along discounts that aren’t often available to other businesses. It also means we can get quick access to resources to solve shipping and logistical problems. We know exactly who to call, what to ask, and what options are on the table for you. In short, we know people, and we only partner with the best – because your brand deserves nothing less. 

Introduce us to your family. 

Michelle Smith being cheered on by fellow Tactive team members
Michelle Smith being cheered on by fellow Tactive team members

When you work with Tactive, you have a new member of your marketing team. From the first brainstorming sessions to the execution of your marketing masterpieces, we seamlessly integrate into the rhythm of your team – whether that’s a small-but-mighty marketing department of one or collaborating with creative teams across time zones. Our commitment goes beyond delivering exceptional print collateral or showstopping promo; we’re here to support your goals, join in your marketing celebrations, and become a familiar face at the table of your brand’s success. 


Expect us to be the ones cheering the loudest when your campaign hits a home run and offering a shoulder to lean on during challenging times. We’re not just about creating cool materials, we’re here to build a relationship. Welcome us into the heart of your marketing family – where creativity, strategy, and success come together in a love story that lasts. 

Tactive isn’t just a vendor; we’re your marketing soulmate. Ready to bring your 2024 marketing plan to (real) life? Swipe right on us.