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Tactive Announces Building Consolidation
June 26, 2024

Indianapolis, Indiana — June 26, 2024 — Tactive, an Indianapolis-based print, promotional product, and fulfillment expert is pleased to announce the consolidation of its services. This strategic decision aims to enhance operational efficiency by centralizing production activities into Tactive’s Riverside and Harding facilities. 

Effective immediately, the operations previously conducted at the Georgetown office, including apparel and large-format production, will be transferred to Tactive’s Riverside and Harding offices. This consolidation is expected to streamline workflows, optimize resource allocation, and improve production capabilities. 

Riverside Office – Administration & Print 1500 E Riverside Dr. Indianapolis, IN 46202
Harding Office – Production & Fulfillment 1447 N Harding St. Indianapolis, IN 46202 

“We are confident that this transition will enhance our operational efficiency and reinforce our commitment to client satisfaction,” said Courtney Bills, CEO at Tactive. “Consolidating our operations allows us to utilize our resources and infrastructure better, while bringing our team geographically closer together on the same side of our city.” 

Tactive remains dedicated to innovation and growth. This consolidation reflects the company’s proactive approach to adapting to market needs and improving service delivery. Clients can expect the same high level of service and product quality that Tactive is known for, now with increased efficiency.