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The Tactive way to show your clients some LOVE.
March 21, 2018

It doesn’t have to be February to show your clients some love! Now is the perfect time to show your current and potential clients how much you appreciate them. It’s easy to get wrapped up in new clients, but don’t let those who got you where you are today fall by the wayside. We put together our 5 favorite ways you can show your customers just how much you appreciate them – on any day of the year!

Here are our top 5 tips for showing your customers, or potential customers, just how much you love them.


1. Send a handwritten note.

Did you know that it costs 5 times more to attract a new customer than to keep an existing one? When you work hard to acquire a new client the last thing you want is for them to leave you for a competitor. A handwritten note can be a personal and impactful way to show them that you care. Whether it’s an existing or prospective customer, let them know how much their business would or does mean to you. If a handwritten note is hard to execute, you can always with an email, through social media, or a phone call. Ask them how a project went or if they have any feedback. And of course, say, “thank you!”

Don’t forget to do it in a timely manner! Response times can play a big role in how effective your customer service is portrayed.


2. Everybody loves a freebie.

Try bringing some swag with you next time you meet with a potential client. Branded products show your clients that you are serious about your business. 82% of consumers stated that they kept an item because it was useful. Keep your name front and center by giving an existing or potential customer something practical such as a hat, bag, or sunglasses. An article in the Journal of Marketing found that people who got a product for free talked about it 20% more. Give your clients and prospects something to talk about! The cost is minimal but the impact is substantial.  


3. Think like a thoughtful customer service rep instead of a seller.

Instead of reaching out for the sell, let your clients know you are there for support. Ask if they have any questions or concerns about their current projects. Letting them know you are there for more than just the pitch means you’ll stay on their radar for projects to come. Remain considerate throughout the entire process. The rise of social media has made “word of mouth” marketing and reputation management more important than ever. Make sure what your clients are sharing with their social circles is positive. An open line of communication and acting thoughtfully will naturally lead to more business.


4. Keep promises.

There is nothing worse than being lied to. White lie or not, it doesn’t feel good. Show up to meetings on time and send emails when you say you will. This may seem simple, but your reliability is a reflection of your work ethic. Your clients are your paycheck – if it wasn’t for them you wouldn’t get paid! Show your clients you know their time is valuable. When responding to things like a quote or a proposal requests keep your response time short. Projects are often time sensitive. If it takes you four days to come up with a quote – you better believe that they have already contacted another company.


5. Do more than expected.

It’s as simple as just being there when you’re needed. Be available. Don’t limit your response avenues. Keep communication between you and your audience open through email, social media, and face to face interactions. In many cases, companies will include their print and promo service reps as part of their creative team – even permitting him or her to take part in their marketing meetings. Make the extra effort in order to be included in important decision making plans. Reach out to your clients in order to strengthen your relationship.

Create customer-focused content such as workshops in order for your clients to get the most out of their relationship with you. Cater to your older clientele in order to make them feel more comfortable dealing with technology.

Keep these tips in mind when communicating with a client or potential client. Don’t forget to be thankful for the business that comes your way. Marketing to a new client is just as important as marketing to an existing one. 89% of consumers began doing business with a competitor following a poor customer experience, so it’s important to keep your current clients satisfied. Take a look at your customer retention rate and ask yourself if there is something you could be doing better.

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