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The Trinket and Treasure Chest
April 13, 2010

Some people like to refer to our industry as “trinkets and trash”.  And I can’t say I blame them.  I mean, really… there is a lot of junk out there.  I know.  I’ve seen it.

But there are also many products that we actually find useful, or just love for their creative design, or that really support our campaign message. And I’ll wager a bet that these products have prompted us to do exactly what they intend – purchase a product or service. (trash *treasure!*)

Since we are immersed in the industry here at Tactive, we get the pleasure of finding, testing, and loving the little “treasures” that come our way.  Sometimes it’s something new and different.  Sometimes it’s something old and boring but we really do use it!  And here’s a shocker – promotional product companies actually send out samples of their product so you can see what their all about, test it out, and then blog about it to the world.  Hmmmmm….. ;-)

Anyway, I thought I might share with you some of our personal favorites in a segment I’m calling “The Trinket & Treasure Chest”.

Episode 1:

Erin’s Refillable Glasses Cleaning Kit

Erin uses this glasses cleaning kit almost every day.  Well.. every day she wears her glasses… (Which is almost every day…)  She likes to walk around the office with it on her belt loop just in case a rogue piece of dust or finger print tries to mess up her day.  It would also be a great item to keep in your car, as the hook on the back would easily slide onto a seat or door pocket. A win-win for convenience and fashion.

Erin & Glasses Kit
yeah buddy.


Robin’s Flexible Calculator

Robin sits about 6 feet away from Erin, and used to spend much of her day “calculating” on a noisy calculator which grated on Erin’s every last nerve.  Then Robin got this awesome, flexible, quiet calculator at a trade-show last year, and now Erin and Robin are BFF! Plus, it fits conveniently in any bag, and it won’t shatter into a million pieces when you drop it. Perfect for those of us who are both numerically challenged and clumsy.

Robin is Calculating
2+2 = ???


So there you have it folks.  Two products that we use often and that we really like.  Feel free to discuss the merits of these two products, or send me a picture of you with your favorite product.  Maybe a team sweatshirt?  Maybe a pen? Maybe a travel beard/mustache/nose trimmer? Whatever!

We’ll keep testing out stuff here at Tactive and let you know what we find.

Catch ya on the flipside.