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Vendor Spotlight: alphabroder
February 28, 2019

Chances are pretty good that somewhere in your closet, drawer, or laundry pile is an item that spent some time at an alphabroder distribution center. Alphabroder is one of the leading suppliers of apparel and accessories to promotional product distributors, screen printers, embroiderers. You can probably thank them for that hooded sweatshirt you bought because your beach vacation turned out to be a little colder than expected. In this edition of our vendor spotlight series, we’re talking with Aphabroder.

At Tactive, alphabroder is one of a few go-to suppliers we trust to provide apparel and accessories that are high in quality, affordable, on trend, and on time! We asked our sales rep, Julie Callahan, to give us some insight into all things “Alpha”. Read on for some tips on upcoming trends – and some trends that we’re giving a “goodbye” wave. ??

1. Name & Role:

Julie Callahan, Outside Sales Rep- Indiana and Kentucky

2. Describe what you do:

Currently, I service the Indiana and Kentucky market representing alphabroder, the leading apparel supplier in the industry, and now with the addition of the PrimeLine offering, we are a true one-stop-shop solution for all your favorite promotional products!

3. Favorite thing about working in the Promotional Products Industry:

The people! This industry is compiled of some of the best people I have ever met. From suppliers to distributors, to our alphabroder family alike, some of the most amazing partnerships, relationships, friendships have come from the connections I have made working in the promo industry. I always laugh and say, you will have to drag me out of the industry as I absolutely love it and envision my future here!

4. Tell us a little about Alpha:

Without knowing it, millions of people wear apparel and accessories distributed by alphabroder. Consumers may not recognize the company’s name, but clothiers and promotional agencies certainly do. Whether the item is a company golf shirt, a T-shirt from a rock concert or a souvenir shirt from a vacation destination, chances are it has passed through one of our many Distribution Centers across North America. alphabroder supplies imprintable apparel and accessories to screen printers, embroiderers, promotional products distributors, athletic dealers, and other businesses.
alphabroder is the union of six apparel suppliers: Alpha Shirt, Ash City, Bodek and Rhodes, Broder Bros., NES Clothing and Imprints Wholesale, combining decades of experience in the promotional apparel industry. In 2017, alphabroder® and Prime Line® merged to create the industry’s first true ‘One-Stop-Shop’ for promotional products – raising the bar on convenience, service, and solutions and expanding alphabroder’s product offering to include hard goods.

5. There are a lot of apparel suppliers out there. What makes Alpha stand out?

OUR SERVICE! Service, service, service! We refuse to be out-hustled when it comes to service. Our attention to detail is 2nd to none with a vision to stay ahead of the customer needs and wants!

OUR PEOPLE! People who work for alphabroder genuinely love their jobs and take pride in what we do. We’re happy, humble, honest and hard-working with the appetite to challenge the status quo.

OUR COMMITMENT! We are constantly striving to learn as much as we can so we can commit to being the BEST solution for you and your client.

6. What 2018 promo apparel trends are you glad to see go?

Well narrowing down to just 2018 is tough as, in our space, trends seem to last a little longer than 12 months. But a few call outs in the past 3-5 years that have fizzled, and I am NOT upset to see exit are:

  1. Tracksuits- while I love a coordinating silhouette, not sure matching top to bottom is a look anyone can really pull off outside of an athlete
  2. Mock Turtlenecks- I am pretty sure I am in denial here, and these are still on the rise, I tend to prefer an alternative to this “masterpiece” but I am also glad to wave goodbye on this very “interesting” style trend.

7. What trends are you excited about in 2019?

CORPORATE CASUAL! Corporate casual is taking on new life! Think traditional corporate meets fashion! While still offering a professional image, it allows the wearer to look buttoned up but also fit what is happening in the fashion sector.

COASTAL VIBES! We’re seeing the east and the west coast come together with new coastal colors, new fabric profiles, and updated silhouettes!

THROW-BACK! Vintage and retro are BACK! We are seeing a ton of influence from fashion styles that have gone before us make huge headway back into both the retail and promotional facets alike

Thanks for sharing with us, Julie!

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